Wedding in Siena surroundings: San Gimignano

Nowadays we receive a lot of requests regarding ideas for weddings in Siena and in Siena surroundings.

Is really easy fall in love with the beauty of Siena.

If you love the beautiful medieval atmosphere of Siena you could easy fall in love with San Gimignano.

The town is in the heart of Tuscany: a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, known as the “Town of Fine Towers”.

The historic centre of San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The views are all around you, over a mixture of highly cultivated and cured olive groves, vineyards, crops of sunflowers, and wild forests off to the West. The town is famous for many things: medieval towers, the crisp and fruity Vernaccia white wine, saffron production, wild boar sausages, and it’s architectual perfection.

The Town Hall is in the center of the medieval village: this is one of the most stunning locations for a civil wedding, perfectly restored frescoed hall with deep sienna colored terracotta floors.

The countryside is scattered with some of the loveliest villas, that can be perfect for your wedding weekend with amazing accomodation.

Thanks to its characteristics, a wedding in San Gimignano could be perfect for different wedding themes such as 

  • wine wedding theme
  • olive wedding theme
  • eco-chic wedding theme

(check out these wedding themes that we post everyday on our facebook fan page)

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Together we will plan your dreams wedding in a villa in San Gimignano with all wedding transportation and accomodation service you need.

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Wedding ceremonies in Tuscany : all paperwork you need

Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza can arrange everything for your ceremony.

The documentation you need varies according with the nationality of the bride and of the groom and according with the type of ceremony requested:

civil wedding

– religious wedding

– symbolic ceremony


We started arrange weddings 20 years ago, for this reason we have very good relations with the offices so that everything can be completed in Italy.

All of the legal paperwork for foreign citizens can be done by our assistance in Italy.

We really advice to the couples that think to do their organization themselves to use a wedding planner because even if it is possible, at the same time it is very difficult on your own.

With our wedding planning help everything could be easier. 

Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza can arrange all the paperwork as well as everything else to make reality your dreams with the best wedding photo service , wedding music service, wedding entertainment service.

Just say “I will” and we will take care of all details right the way through.

Our staff have helped a lot of brides and grooms plain their exclusive wedding in Tuscany, giving professional wedding assistance, suggestions, wedding planning tips, italian weddings ideas.

Plan your wedding in the easier way with us! 
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