3 themes for your Winter Wedding in Tuscany

When couples decide to plan their wedding in Tuscany, they are thinking about a lovely outdoor ceremony under the Tuscan sun and a wonderful alfresco dinner with a view. But what about a winter wedding in Tuscany?

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the interiors of our ancient palaces situated in our historical cities as Lucca, Florence and Siena. You and your guests will discover some aspects of Tuscany as you wouldn’t expect it: snow-capped mountains, crisp air, morning hoarfrost thawing in the daylight.

There are a lot of reasons to choose the winter, if you decide to have your wedding in Tuscany.

We, as Luccaorganizza Wedding Planners in Tuscany, would like to suggest choosing one of this wedding theme to add magic at the atmosphere of your big day.

Great Gatsby

Plan a wedding in Tuscany choosing a gorgeous Great Gatsby theme inspired by the roaring 1920s and mix the rustic luxe with the glamorous look of the twenties. We suggest pink, gold, grey and champagne for the colour scheme. Choose peonies and English roses. As décor elements, we suggest feather centrepieces, a mise en place with golden underplates and vintage glasses. Black tablecloth and black & white stripes for the runner.

What about the venue? Choose a Palace with fountains, luxurious interiors with frescoed walls.

Victorian Vintage Wedding

Plan a romantic Victorian event for your wedding in Tuscany, it will be full of class and grace. This theme gives you the possibility to have a truly refined reception with lots of lace. In facts was Queen Victoria who set the trend of white wedding gowns and also white floral arrangements. In this case we would like to propose you the idea to have the wedding in a greenhouse or in a closed winter garden. Or what about a botanical garden? Keep in mind that during this age people loved fountains, statues, opulent interiors. The colour scheme that we propose is pink, green, gold, rich blues, burgundy and copper.

Rustic and Rich

The beauty of this theme is that you are not limited in just 2 colours: you can embrace navy, copper, gold, burgundy, grey, blue, but also teal and peach! Plan a wedding in Tuscany choosing this mood: the style is classy and country, you will need overflowing urns, hedgerow foliage, barry laden sprigs. This the way to create the look for your rustic and rich wedding in Tuscany inspired by the woodland and sumptuous barry tones. We recommend historical estates in the chic countryside of Lucca for this mood, venues that combine the charm of a rich ancient past with the authenticity and beauty of the rural residence.

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5 steps to plan your Vow Renewal in Tuscany

Vow Renewal in Tuscany is designed to celebrate your marriage, anniversary and union.
Make it a special occasion and plan a Tuscan romantic getaway.
During your stay as Luccaorganizza Wedding Planners in Tuscany, we will organize everything for your vow renewal and, trust us, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Step 1: Agree on a budget

The first question is this one. How much would you like to invest in this event? It depends on many things. How many guests would you like to invite? What flowers would you like to have? Would you like to organize a romantic dinner? Or add some exclusive experiences? Agree on a budget and with this in mind start to select the mood of your Vow renewal in Tuscany.

Step 2: Book your venue

The venue selection in the most demanding part of the planning. You can decide to book a venue where to stay with your guests for 3 days and also celebrate your vow renewal. But what about a surprise effect? In this case we suggest you to book a Villa where to stay with your guests, maybe 3 days and organize the ceremony in a different place, maybe a panoramic terrace with a breathtaking views on Tuscany countryside.

Step 3: Book the celebrant

We have a large portfolio of professional celebrants. We have English speaking celebrants, but also German or Portuguese and so on. We will check availabilities among our trusted ones: together with your celebrant you will personalize the ceremony with readings and particular rites as you prefer. You will discuss these aspects directly with your celebrant for you perfect vow renewal..

Step 4: Book your entertainment and your florist

As experienced wedding planners in Tuscany, we create high standard of events thanks to our trusted staff even if we are talking about small events, we always respect our philosophy. To have an unforgettable ceremony we suggest to hire a violinist to play background classic music during the ceremony. What about an acoustic guitar? To improve the atmosphere, we suggest having a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere for the groom and flowers for the celebrant table. But, what about a stunning floral arch?

Step 5: Add the WOW Factor

Do you want an unforgettable vow renewal party? Surprise your wife/husband and also your guests. How? We will send you some crazy ideas. Just some inspirations: balloons, exclusive wine tastings, ultimate car experience, luxury yachts.

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