Wedding Favors in 2018!

Wedding favors 2018 for your destination wedding in Tuscany?
Six months are missing and the wedding season 2018 will start!
Now the questions of our brides are starting to be more precise:
we are in the defining steps, deepening each details and also the choice of the ideal wedding favors.

Wedding favors? It is a major topic of discussion: over the years we have seen several trends.

But what are the 2018 trends?

Today we would like to give you 3 fundamental key words that will help you in the fateful choice of the perfect wedding favor. Keep this list in mind with the must-have of the 2018 wedding favors.


The wedding favor should be simple and practical. Helpful!
Some ideas? They are endless! And the choice depends very much on what you have arranged for your wedding.

  • Example 1: Al-fresco civil ceremony in August at 4.00 pm, ?
    The right choice is a fan, but it must be personalized with the names of the couple, of course.
  • Example 2: Wedding in September in a farmhouse nested in the countryside?
    Warning: risk of rigid temperatures when the sun goes down. The perfect wedding favour is a lovely blanket.
  • Example 3: Party all night long?
    A sweet thought for the feet of your guests: choose ballerina shoes, with a personalized bag.


Wedding Favors 2018 must be 0 km, organic products, artefacts from the place.
Our suggestions? Here are some:

  • Example 1: Bucolic wedding among the vineyards?
    For your guests a mini size of a wine bottle. This is a fantastic welcome!
  • Example 2: Are you immersed in an olive grove?
    Seen and reviewed, but a 100 ml bottle of local oil is always welcome (perfect also to keep on-board with your hand baggage!).
  • Example 3: Are you a extra sweet couple?
    Contact a local producer of delicious honey!


Marriage is yours, and if anyone has any doubts … Write your names everywhere!
Well, it is not a big news! But we are not saying to write the names in the most traditional way, but rather … Here are some inspirations, please remember: only fantastic fonts are accepted!

  • Example 1: Will your open bar be amazing?
    Your cocktail glasses must also be! With your initials on them!
  • Example 2: Do you hate waste?
    Cake Slice Box: no one will give up a piece of wedding cake for breakfast the day after.
  • Example 3: Does your love shine more than the sun?
    Warning: guests will need sunglasses to protect yourself from so much light. Customize them!

As you can see, we are full of ideas and creativity. These are some goodies that we wanted to share with you. We always have a lot of fun choosing the perfect wedding favor with our brides and packaging them ad hoc.

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Simona and Benedetta

Jewish Wedding under the glow of the Tuscan sun

Tuscany, our region, is such a place, majestic, rich of art, culture and architecture, with resplendent cities and amazing landscapes. Tuscany is filled with culture and enchantment in every corner, also in our pretty medieval town, Lucca where Jared and Helen have planned their Jewish Wedding in September.

Lucca Ideal Wedding Destination

Lucca is an ideal Wedding destination also for Jewish wedding.
Jared and Helen, a young couple from LA has contacted us for their Jewish Wedding under the Tuscan sun. They have chosen Lucca as their wedding destination. The most popular destination for celebrations in Tuscany is Florence but Lucca is ideal too because it boasts a strategic position, in facts it is close to Pisa Airport, only 25 min by car but also near the beaches of Versilia Coast.

Couples love Lucca because it offers a chic countryside, it is not prey of mass tourism, is a charming medieval city with an enviable location. Also Forbes affirms that Lucca is one of the most Idyllic places to live.

Stunning wedding venue in Lucca

The most important characteristics to keep in consideration for the venue scouting for Jared and Helen wedding have been: interior capacity for eventual plan b for up to 100 guests, beautiful outdoor spaces for the Jewish ceremony, wide space for the Italian style aperitif and gala dinner, dance floor for the amazing after dinner party and on site accommodation for the intimate family.

For this Jewish wedding in Tuscany we have been able to select and book, even if a little bit last minute and in a demanding period, one of the most stunning Villa of the Lucca countryside where we love to work because it boats several areas that give us the opportunity to create each time something different in terms of layout.

Happy time with friends

Jared and Helen have decided to have a destination wedding overseas because most of all, they would like to spend time together with their friends. We have taken care about this, organizing unconventional activities in the days before and after the wedding thanks to our professional staff. We have organized activities as bike tour, yummy tour to discover our savors walking around the city, dinner out in spectacular restaurant all together and also a lovely brunch in the historical center to say goodbye to the guests.

Wonderful decor

Helen was interested in a boho chic wedding, but not too country. More elegant and inspired at the opulent Italian style. Together we have defined every single detail, from the handmade stationary with cork elements to the chuppah with clean white cloth and lisiantus mixed with greenery.

The bridesmaids have on lovely floral crowns: they looked like muses, water lilies in their emerald green dress

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Looking forward to organize your wedding in Tuscany!

Simona and Benedetta


Special thanks to Alessandro Colle for these amazing photos!