4 questions to choose the ideal floral designer for your destination wedding in Tuscany

Are you going to get married in Tuscany? Are you planning a destination wedding in Lucca, Florence or Siena?

It is time to find the ideal floral designer, so that your wedding in Tuscany could be a fairytale!

In the wedding industry there are many suppliers: to identify the ideal floral designer for your destination wedding in Tuscany,
you have to keep in mind style, budget and mood.

If the organization of your wedding in Tuscany is entrusted to a professional and reliable wedding planner, our first suggestion is to rely in its experience in the wedding industry, especially if you are dreaming an exclusive wedding in Tuscany.

The wedding planner will surely be able to offer you a list of selected suppliers to identify the ideal floral designer.

How to reach the final decision?
With these simple but fundamental 4 questions.

  1. Will the floral designer have other weddings on the same day?

If you want an high level event and you’d like that your floral designer will personally take care of it,
make sure you have his attentions focused only on your destination wedding in Tuscany.

  1. Could he organize a flower trial?

It is never easy to imagine the table set with flowers and candles. Our advice is to organize a flower trial.

  1. Could we optimize the budget with some tricks?

Asking for example to move part of the flower arrangements of the ceremony, to the venue of the reception.

  1. What other additional services can a flower designer offer?

Another trick to contain costs and respect your wedding budget is asking the florist if in addition to the flower arrangement other additional services can be set up. For example, the rental of lanterns but also other items to be used for your candy buffet, just to make few examples.
For over 20 years in the wedding industry, we collaborate with selected floral designers who assure us every time successful events.

Here are some shots taken from a Bridal Shooting.

Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Colle
Venue: Villa Grabau – Lucca.

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Benedetta and Simona

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