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Many couples intend to organise their wedding in Tuscany with a small group of guests. Their idea is to organise their wedding in Tuscany as a fantastic experience where they can share their joy with their loved ones. Usually "intimate" weddings involve a small group of people ranging from 15 to 30 guests and in order to organise a wedding in Tuscany of this type it is necessary to rent a small wedding venue in Tuscany that offers all guests the opportunity to share this experience without give up their privacy. The small and ideal wedding venue in Tuscany that the bride and groom are looking for is often provided with good privacy for the guests.

Double rooms equipped with a tried and tested bathroom and comfortable lounges maybe on the ground floor to be used as common areas where they can share moments of relaxation or play. Some small venue are equipped in the rooms with billiard tables or wine cellars where, in addition to keeping excellent bottles of good wine, the beautiful comfortable sofas and antique wooden tables allow the sharing of weekly dinners.

The small wedding venues in Tyscany are not easy to be found in Tuscany but there are some beautiful prvate residences, outside the touristic circuits, which are perfect to organize the wedding in Tuscany for small groups. These are very beautiful houses on the hills with swimming pool and outdoor living area, bbq, sofas and chairs under the stars and rooms where all the comforts are combined. Sometimes these small venues for weddings in Tuscany are rented together to additional villas or properties to be used for friends.

In this case the small wedding venues in Tuscany is used for the family stay that lasts one week generally and maybe for the wedding dinner using the common lounges while the other villa will serve as a support. Our company has been active in the wedding industry for 25 years and boasts a vast portfolio of small wedding venues, selected in recent years to offer the ideal wedding venue for couples who are looking for an intimate and elegant wedding to share with their family.

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small wedding venues in tuscany

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