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Lucca is a very beautiful medieval town not yet well known as a destination for weddings. Weddings in Lucca are limited in number for the moment and this makes the town still have the charm of a place to discover.
Organizing a wedding in Lucca gives couples the opportunity to introduce their guests to a pearl of Tuscany that they may not have heard of yet. Guests will be able to stay in the beautiful villas located in the slender hills or in the plain of Lucca, enjoy the views and landscapes of Tuscany directly from their villas alternating moments of relaxation with beautiful walks and tasting in the most famous wineries.
The wedding in Lucca can also be an experience for guests with knowledge of the region of Tuscany, the city of Lucca is in fact in an extremely advantageous position boasting a few minutes from Pisa airport (about 30 minutes) but also from Florence (about 45 minutes).

The wedding in Lucca will also give your guests the opportunity to get to know the Versilia coast and admire the beautiful coastline where long beaches, sea and night clubs will cheer your guests' stay.
The city of Lucca is an interesting city also from an artistic point of view, if your guests will be lovers of art history there will be many attractions to make them know. From the hundred churches inside the city walls, to the unique Amphitheatre square, the painting gallery of Villa Guinigi, the Roman square of San Michele, the towers that rise from the city walls of the Renaissance period.
All these peculiarities make the wedding in Lucca an extraordinary choice that will leave your guests with an indelible memory.

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wedding in lucca

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