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Lucca is a Medieval city founded by the Etruscans that experienced a period of great splendour in Roman times.

It is a fortified city that still boasts a complete ring of walls built during the Renaissance period. Lucca is still little known as a destination for foreigners' weddings.

Getting married in Lucca, choosing Lucca as a wedding destination is the winning choice for an event with a Tuscan but refined taste that does not touch the usual tourist destinations but puts your guests in the conditions to live an authentic experience like few in the world and relying on a wedding planner in Lucca is the best choice.

A wedding planner Lucca has known the area for years, has known the collaborations with reliable vendors for a long time and can offer to those who choose Lucca as their wedding destination, a proven team of experienced Tuscan suppliers, able to transform a wedding reception into a successful wedding event.

The choice of a wedding planner Lucca must be made by looking for experience in this professional figure.

Lucca is a small town but it boasts many planners, sometimes active for a few years. A good wedding planner Lucca must be an excellent connoisseur of the locations and suppliers as well as the possible activities to be carried out in the city of Lucca. A good wedding planner in Lucca must be able to organize a successful event but also to deal with any problems that the organization itself may raise, so the experience of the wedding planner is fundamental.

A wedding organized from abroad can offer its guests the precious opportunity to get in touch with an authentic reality, a bucolic but also city context.

Lucca is a city of art, elegance and fashion, with many nice restaurants and an interesting wine and food tradition. A good wedding planner in Lucca must be able to offer to the bride and groom not only the wedding event but also interesting activities to carry out with their guests during their stay, so it is essential to rely on a planner in Lucca who is an expert in the area and who can transform the wedding event into a unique and unforgettable Tuscan experience.

At the moment there are a lot of portals that invite the bride and groom to do almost a do-it-yourself organization, but relying on a professional wedding planner in Lucca is the right choice.

This choice will guarantee the success of a perfect event, to relax in all phases of the organization, to enjoy all the moments and phases of the preparations as well as saving a lot of time and money. An excellent wedding planner is the person who welcomes your requests, prepares a personalized proposal and follows you step by step in the organization. A wedding planner in Lucca will lead you by the hand in the choice of all the services that are involved in the organisation of the wedding: from the choice of the participations, to the choice of the wedding cake with tasting, advice and negotiations for quotations and offers.

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