The layout or tablescape, or as we use to say in Italy the “mise en place”, is really important.
We can say that is as essential as the dress is for the bride.
Even with a limited budget, if you choose a beautiful “mise en place” your work is already half done.

First step: how much to spend

Make sure you know how much you want to spend on décor: it is not easy understanding how much invest on it and your Wedding Planner will give you useful suggestions considering also that type of chairs you will use.

Second step: where the guests will spend their time

Think about where your guests will be spending the majority of their time.
Maybe at their table? In this case, you should plan to spend extra time and attention, and also budget, on the tablescape.

Third step: the table line

Define the table linen. They are in so different colors, fabrics, and textures.

Fourth step: the napkins

Define the napkin.
Please, select a napkin that is functional: a lace or sequin napkin is probably not going to be really comfortable.

Fifth step: the chairs

Determine what type of chair.
Please pay attention at this step, because there are many kinds of chairs and also different prices: the risk is to spend all the budget agreed only in chairs.


Sixth step: your centerpieces

Define the style of centerpieces. Do you prefer tall or short centerpieces? Have no idea?
Create a Pinterest Board with photos of the event that you love, share the Board with your Wedding Planner and with the Flower Designer too.

Trick: Have you saved many photos of centerpieces?
Print it to imagine it in the center of your tablescape. Or, better, ask to the flower designer to do a trial.

Seventh Step: flatware and glassware

There are so many options available, more traditional or more modern like square dinner plates or rose gold flatware!

Final touch: stationery

Determine the style of your stationery. It ranges from menus, thank you cards, seat cards and table numbers.
Endless possibilities: printed menus, romantic cards with calligraphy, place cards with cork…


Congrats: you’ve designed your perfect Tablescape!

In our long experience in the Wedding Industry, we have defined the best approach to determine the Tablescape:
we propose a layered approach that allows us to build the layout from the “bottom” up.
In building from the bottom up, we can be sure that there is consistency across the different layers.

Would you like to know the latest trends for the tablescape?

Where to find the latest underplates and the vintage glasses?

We have a big portfolio of vendors all around Italy that rent all you can imagine.

Send us an email and we will be happy to send you our proposal.

Benedetta and Simona

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