Wedding Weekend in Tuscanyyes, we can do it!

  • Why plan a wedding weekend?
    To prolong the party and making the fun … endless!

We receive many inquiries about organizing a fun destination wedding weekend in Tuscany because couples love the idea of keep the festivities rolling.

Usually couples are looking for a venue that could accommodate the most part of the guests and organize on site more than one event.

We love the program of the wedding weekend!



Are your guests travelling from abroad?
Organize a welcome party and greet everyone in a relaxed atmosphere.
Plan this event 2 days before the wedding day.


We are referring to a casual dinner the night before the big day.
It is a great occasion to thanks everybody for their time, maybe giving to all a gift.
Fill the night with toasts. Book a live band. Introduce your friends to your parents if they have never meet before.


The brunch the day after is the best way to say goodbye to everybody before leaving on your honeymoon.

We are full of ideas to enrich your wedding weekend in Tuscany with special activities:
Biking, Vespa tours, fishing trips, wine tastings and cooking classes.

Your wedding in Tuscany will became a real mini vacation!

In the next months we will post on our blog more about how to plan a delicious welcome dinner, a lovely rehearsal dinner and a funny good-bye brunch!

Send us an email and let’s start plan your wedding weekend in Tuscany!

Benedetta and Simona

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Tuscany

Let us help make your destination wedding in Tuscany come true in our charming region at one of our favorite venues of our portfolio.

We will be glad to translate your vision, navigate the geography, logistics and language with our full range oh services aimed to keeping the focus on fun, style and capturing your individuality.

We have access to amazing places as Villa Grabau and more, all around Tuscany.

You and your guests’ hearts will be fluttering!

We’d love to hear from you.

Are you researching the perfect venue
for your destination wedding in Tuscany?

This following roadmap will help guide you through steps in choosing the perfect venue for your destination in Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and more.


Determine the number of guests for your boho weddding in Lucca, Pisa, Florence.
This is a step to do before even thinking about drawing up a list of potential venues.

Are you planning to have more than 200 guests at your big day in Tuscany?
In this case your venue scouting will be hugely restricted by that number.
For destination weddings in Tuscany with more than 150 guests the best solution is the exclusive hire of a venue.
We have many options in our portfolio, it depends on your style.

For smaller destination weddings in Tuscany, for example with 50 guests, it could be a good idea find a lovely agriturismo or a pretty restaurant in the historical center of Lucca.


If you have an open-ended budget, for sure you can plan a great destination wedding in Tuscany.
In this case you will have an infinite selection of venue choices.
In case your finances are limited, you should be aware from the beginning of what your limitations are.
Please consider that a reliable wedding planner in Tuscany can always plan a great wedding day within a reasonable budget.


When you are looking for the perfect venue for your destination wedding in Tuscany, please don’t forget to consider the different services offered by the venue and carefully evaluate their value for the success of your event.
In some cases, the venues have a preferred vendor list you have to work with.
In other cases the owner of the property gives some restrictions on decor or other aspects of the wedding you have to take into consideration before choosing it.

Some useful questions to ask:

Does this venue offer a parking option?
Does this venue offer services like catering, floral arrangements, linen and table rentals?
Does this venue restrict what other vendors you work with?
Does this venue have a music time limit?
Does it offer security service?

Hopefully our guide will help you and your fiancee in the right direction and you will find together with your wedding planner the ideal venue for your wedding in Tuscany.

Please consider that the consultancy of a reliable wedding planner in Tuscany is fundamental in this part of the wedding planning.

We will be glad to help you in this process.
Have questions?
Please contact us

Benedetta and Simona




Stefano Santucci




The fateful part of the wedding planning is the choice of the dreamy venue that must embrace in the best way each need of the couple.

We have been working in destination weddings since 1996 and we have a perfect knowledge of the Tuscan Villas.
Our portfolio is updated every day to give to our customers the opportunity to find “the Venue!”.

During this long experience, we have been able to select the best venues, following these criterias:

  • the great beauty of the outdoor spaces;
  • the refined interiors;
  • the capacity in case of rain;
  • the possibility to have accommodation on site;
  • the authorization to held civil ceremonies.

These factors are not so easy to find in each place.
The Wedding Planner Aim is to suggest places that are not only beautiful to see but also functional:
where organize weddings is a pleasure, places that are easily to be reached for guests and also for vendors.

We have also to consider as a plus the good relationship with the owners: if they entrust the Wedding Planner because they know how the planner and the team work, everything will go fluently.


At the top of “the best venues” according to our experience, we have Villa Grabau where we have organized many weddings during last years.

It is a stunning Historical Building, part of a wide Estate, 7 km far from Lucca centre.
It is easy to be reached because it is far only 40min by car from Pisa Airport, and 1 hour from Florence Airport.

We really love this estate because it offers perfectly maintained green spaces, elegant atmosphere inside the main villa but at the same time, the Limonaia (the greenhouse) is the perfect background for a country wedding if you are dreaming a Tuscan alfresco dinner.

Villa Grabau is the expression of the Opulent Italian Way of Life of the Renaissance.
Nowadays, visiting the park and the interiors, you can fell all this energy falling in love for it.


  • Highlights of this Wedding Venue are a lot.
  • It boasts a secret garden, a sort of green theatre where you can have the civil ceremony;
  • In case of rain you can host the aperitif inside the Main Villa and the dinner inside the Limonaia;
  • Caterers are happy to work there because they have at their disposal a big space for the kitchen and direct access for their vans;
  • The Venue can be reached easily by the gues with a taxi from the city centre or with their car, there is a big parking inside the gate of the Estate;
  • Accommodation on site.


We would like to spend some words about this last point because is the one that make Villa Grabau perfect for wedding weekends.
The Estate as 3 detached Villas that are rentable weekly, they can host in total up to 24 people and boast 2 pools and space to dining al fresco during the day before the wedding.
These Villas are furnished in perfect Tuscan Style, they are perfect to accommodate the intimate family of Bride and Groom.

Sometimes the weekly rental doesn’t fit with the couple needs that would like to spend only 3 nights in the Wedding Destination.

No Problem!

One year ago, the owners of the Estate, have restored a Casolare just some steps outside the main gate.
We love this building! The orange façade, the new pool outside and the grey doors!

A truly refined ambience. This Casolare is named “Arancera” and it has several rooms that can be rented without a minimum stay.

This could be the perfect accommodation solution for the rest part of the guests or for intimates too.

Finally, we can say that the reason because we suggest this Venue to our couples is that the Estate has a big variety of spaces and can offers different solutions also in terms of accommodation.

Keep in Contact with us if you would like to know availabilities of the Venue for the current or the next Wedding Season!

We will be glad to guide you throughout the Estate to show you spaces and think together about the layout of your event.

Send us an email and we will be glad to know more about your destination wedding in Tuscany !

Simona , Benedetta and Elena


Real Wedding: Montalcino Wedding for a Brazilian couple with a stunning view

A Montalcino Wedding: in a little country chic Borgo located on a top of a hill, in Chianti Area, renown all around the world for Brunello red wine and for its stunning panorama.

Montalcino Wedding:
we love propose to our couples destination weddings in Chianti

Getting married in Chianti: the best way to discover the most authentic treasures in Tuscany

Castles, Historic Town Palaces located in the heart of tiny walled Medieval towns, independent Villas, Farmhouses, country Resorts are available to suit every style for an unforgettable Montalcino Wedding Ceremony and Reception.

For Penelope and André we have selected a lovely little borgo where bride and groom have spent the days before the wedding together with their intimates and friends.

They were looking for a stoned farmhouse where plan Montalcino Wedding Reception in the grounds, after a symbolic ceremony with a view.

Penelope and André have said their “I do” at sunset time. The sky was amazing. We have loved so much this floral arch!

montalcino wedding

But the big surprise has been the bridal entrance riding a white horse: a dream Montalcino Wedding in all details!

montalcino wedding

After the ceremony a welcome drink in a sparkling atmosphere so joyful thanks to the Italian traditional musicians.

montalcino wedding

The welcome drink went ahead with spritz and prosecco and fabulous red wine produced on site in the Little Borgo of this Montalcino Wedding.

The dinner was arranged under the sky nearby the ceremony area where a wonderful crystal tent was erected adorned with crystal chandeliers hanging.

We have designed this event with country tables, a mise en place with a rustic runner and vintage glasses.

For the floral arrangements: our floral designer for this Montalcino Wedding has been fantastic! Lovely vintage floral arrangement, so colorful!

montalcino wedding
After tasty food, good wine… it is finally time to dance!

Everybody on the dancefloor with our amazing DJ from Brazil!

montalcino wedding

People can dance all night long but also chilling in the vintage corners with sofas that we have designed.

montalcino wedding

Tuscany Wedding Villa: a lovely reception with a lot of lemons

This is the story about a real wedding in one of the most stunning Tuscany Wedding Villa, in the Lucca chic countryside.

We love propose to our couples destination weddings in Lucca:

it is a timeless lovely town not prey of mass tourism, and really important, it is near Pisa Airport.

Ellen and Ankur are a so nice couple from London. It has been a real pleasure planning their wedding. We met them for the first time in August 2015 to visit this Tuscany Wedding Villa.

Taking the first steps in the Estate, of this lovely Tuscany Wedding Villa, they immediately looked at each other and they realized that the place was so magic that it was the one.

Ellen and Ankur have said their “I do” with an outdoor civil ceremony in the secret garden of this Tuscany Wedding Villa.

tuscany wedding villa

After the ceremony a very relaxing welcome drink with spritz and prosecco was organized in the park around the fountain with lotus flowers and canapes served on tray.

People can enjoy the sunny day, lot of smiles and laughters. Good Job 😉

tuscany wedding villa

A country table plan was arranged nearby the aperitf area: aromatic plants, chalckboards and wooden boxes. So country chic!


And at the end a Tuscan reception with 2 long impeial tables in the Limonaia of the Tuscany wedding villa. It is a really unique building with a so magic atmoshpere due to the stunning plants hanging from the ceiling.

tuscany wedding villa

A mise en place always with the country lemon theme, lovely organic lemons.

Place cards and menu also respected the country theme of the event.

tuscany wedding villa ellenankur-thinkvisual-dinner-web-7
After tasty food, good wine and lot of speeches,

it is finally time to dance!

Thanks to the super band that we have provided, everybody on the dancefloor for an unforgettable party all night long.

tuscany wedding villa

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