Venues in Lucca for your wedding: our suggestions

If you are looking for New Venues for your destination wedding in Lucca, Tuscany, in 2021 –
it’s time to start the venue research. 

Firstly we would like to underline that the most tricky part of the wedding planning is the venue research.

Define the ideal venue is already part of the fee of a professional wedding planner because it requires time, consultancy and experience.

We have more than 20 years in the wedding industry and our head office are situated in Lucca.
We know perfectly all the most famous Villas of Lucca area:
With our staff we have planned many weddings and private events there.

We want to offer always something new and fresh to our couples. How?
Above all in the last years we have become a sort of Venues Hunter.
We want to surprise our couples with New Venues.

Some expamples of New Venues in Lucca for your wedding:

Especially to those that will organize an intimate wedding in Lucca, up to 30 guests, we have several possibilities among our portfolio.

The majority of Lucca Villas offers weekly rentals (saturday to saturday).
Find a venue with minimum stay 3 nights in Lucca Area is difficult.
Above all during summertime.


Wedding Tip:

Plan the Wedding Day on Thursday is a good idea in this case.
More venues available, less stressed suppliers.

In conclusion… Are you interested in knowing more about New Venues for intimate weddings in Lucca?

Send us an email !


Remember to tell us all details: number of guests, period of stay, mood of the event and kind of ceremony you are interested in.

We’ll reply with our suggestions and details about our way of working.

Benedetta, Simona e Elena.  

Lucca, your wedding destination in Tuscany full of charm

Lucca is the ideal wedding destination in Tuscany.
The New York Times has confirmed this.

Unfortunately, day-trippers  have contributed to tourism saturation in European hotspots.

Lucca is a truly good alternative wedding destination that offers shelter from the crowds.
No one wants to get married in a crowded place, fully booked and with not good value for money.

Ph: Luca Vieri 

Getting Married in Lucca, instead of Florence

We reply to these questions each day and you could find our answers in this news 

We have been so glad to read the article of The New York Times that supports our idea.

Stated that the beauty of Florence is incomparable, we have to say that during summer season, the city is completely congested.

Is there an alternative?
For a glimpse of Renaissance glory in a more relaxed atmosphere, 50 miles west there is Lucca, best known for its perfectly preserved city walls and also for cultural and culinary charms.

Ph Alessandro Colle

Another central highlight of the city is the music, in Lucca was born the composer Giacomo Puccini.
During the summer Lucca hosts the Lucca Summer Festival, an outdoor concert series. During last year we have had Macklemore, Elton John, Sting…

But what’s the true appeal of Lucca?
Its every day pleasures.
The artisanal gelato, the breeze while pedaling a rented bicycle on the the city walls, the evening aperitivo with Campari Spritz in Piazza San Michele.

Lucca is a valid wedding destination in Tuscany:

Have you started your venue treasure hunting in Lucca area?

Send us an email and tell us more about your wedding in Lucca and we will be to help you with our consultancy.


Why Lucca is a valid option for your destination wedding in Tuscany?

Lucca is the ideal wedding destination for those that want to experience the hidden secrets of Tuscany and discover the authentic side of our region with a wedding weekend.

Lucca is ideal for destination weddings because is a city rich with history and a truly perfect setting for a wedding.

Lucca is the ideal background for your wedding photo service in Tuscany with many cobbled streets within the historic centre and the city walls.

Lucca is rich of art of Antique Rome, Renaissance and XVIII century.

We are experienced in the venue scouting all around Tuscany, but we highlight each time the added value of Lucca s your wedding destination.

Lucca highlights for a destination wedding

  • Close to Pisa Airport (Just 30 min by car)
  • Close to Florence Airport (Just 45 min by car)
  • Not too crowded and not prey of mass tourism
  • Rich of Villas whit big indoor capacity
  • Rich of boutique hotels and lovely bed & breakfast where accommodate the guests
  • Many activities to do before/after the wedding day
  • Many Lucca Villas are also rentable weekly and you could organize on site small events and intimate ceremonies
  • Many tasty and not touristic restaurants and valid places where enjoy the Italian Aperitivo in the city center
  • Many little bars with refined interiors where organize your toast after the civil ceremony at Palazzo Orsetti (the town hall)

Lucca is the ideal destination for those that want to have a civil ceremony not in the local town hall but immersed in the countryside in an elegant atmosphere, Lucca secret palaces inside the city are ideal for elopement, Lucca little villas are perfect for small weddings up to 30 guests.


To book our consultancy for your venue scouting in Lucca, send us an email with details about your destination wedding in Lucca.

Benedetta, Elena and Simona


Having a stress-free destination wedding in Tuscany sounds like an impossible feat.

However, planning your wedding with the full service of an experienced planner will provide you exactly that.

We have been working in the wedding industry all around Tuscany since 1996 and we will able to help you choosing your ideal venue in Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, Siena and more and in coordinating all your wedding weekend.

In the last years we receive lot of inquiries regarding us as wedding coordinator on the day and not a full wedding planning service.

We are not so friendly whit the “Day of Coordination” expression.
Experienced and professional planners will agree that this is something that… doesn’t exist.

We should be calling this service as Wedding Management because we provide no time constraints,
and it is more factual because we will manage all aspects of your wedding.

This is what we use to include, but not offering packages we are flexible, and we could customize our consultancy on your needs.

  • At first, we start whit a brief complimentary consultation to understand how we could collaborate.
  • We will meet after directly in our head office or whit a Call 4 weeks prior to your wedding.
    During our meeting we will deepen timing to make things run as smooth as possible, vendors, set-up, rehearsal and more.
    We will provide also some tips, tricks, and pieces of advice.
  • We will absolutely need a defined vendors list involved and their contacts to manage them.
    We will also absolutely need a ‘On The Day’ schedule of all of them.
  • We include also a site inspection at the venue.
  • On the day we will present at the venue with at least 2 planners.
    We will liaise with vendors, manage the florist, make sure decorations are set up correctly, and take care of other last-minute details whit our problem solver skill. If your decorations are many, we could bring an additional help for an additional fee. Our presence of the day will ensure you a stress-free Wedding Day.


Do you need more info about our service? Send us an email and we will be glad to chat with you.

Benedetta, Simona and Elena.


Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Colle

ELOPING IN TUSCANY: 3 steps to organize your elopement

Eloping in Tuscany is a wonderful idea.
Why? Tuscany is renowned all around the world for the beautiful landscape, the rolling hills and the art cities.

For this reason, Tuscany is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway.


We are expert in managing paperwork for our couples that would like to get a civil wedding in our region.
We have organized civil ceremonies in Tuscany for couples from abroad since 1996.
Thanks to our long experience we perfectly know procedure and documents required to get civilly married in Tuscany.

You will need to prepare certificates and declarations in advance and some appointments at the Town Hall.
Bureaucracy In Italy is not fast.

Have you decided last minute to organize an elopement in Tuscany?
The symbolic ceremony is the easiest way, and we collaborate with trusted celebrant.


Unconventional eloping in Tuscany?
If you are dreaming something out of the ordinary, we suggest you think about the destination of your romantic getaway.
Florence is so famous and suggestive, but it is always full of tourists.

Our suggestion for your elopment in Tuscany is to choose among the little-know cities of Tuscany that are not prey of mass tourism for a more authentic experience.

One idea could be our pretty town Lucca, that is ideal for a medieval setting ceremony.

More about why choose Lucca as your destination here.


Lucca boasts an elegant Town Hall, really impressive and exceptional.

If you are dreaming a civil ceremony, Palazzo Orsetti will be the setting of your rite.

If you prefer a symbolic ceremony, you have a wide variety of venues at your disposal.

Castles, elegant villas, farmhouses and boutique hotels.

We have a long experience in the wedding industry and thanks to it we have chosen our favorite venues and vendors in Tuscany.

Send us an email, we will be glad to send our proposals for your elopement.

Benedetta e Simona


Photo Courtesy: Luca Vieri 

Lucca, your ideal wedding destination in Tuscany

Lucca is a beautiful, medieval city rich with history, in the Northern part of the Tuscan region, not far from the Versilia Coast.
This lovely small town has a strategic position: close to Pisa Airport (25 min by car) but also to Florence Airport (1 hour).

Few people know this Tuscan spot and its untouched charm: Lucca is a classy town, never too busy, never too crowded.
What about the view? Lucca boasts a chic countryside with several country roads and wild vegetation:
nothing to envy to the most famous areas of the Chianti.

Lucca essential features

  • walled city
  • 99 churches all in one town
  • strategic position
  • amazing architecture
  • natural beauty

 Lucca is an ideal wedding destination

After the first visit in Lucca, many couples choose Lucca as their wedding destination not only for the beauty of the territory but also for the big variety of venues available for their big day. Many also with lovely accommodation solutions.
The best time for a wedding in Lucca is from April through October.

Civil Ceremony at the Local Town Hall in Lucca

The civil wedding can take place in the pretty centre within the prestigious local town hall that is Palazzo Orsetti, one of the well-loved palace of the city. It boasts an elegant staircase that is ideal for the bride entrance.
Sumptuous interiors, magnificent mirrors.
After the ceremony we suggest to have stroll in the centre and organize a lovely Italian aperitivo in one of the picturesque bars of  Lucca.

Are you wishing to get married in Lucca?

Send us an email, we will be glad to help you in your planning.

Simona e Benedetta

Annabel and David Wedding, Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Colle

4 questions to choose the ideal floral designer for your destination wedding in Tuscany

Are you going to get married in Tuscany? Are you planning a destination wedding in Lucca, Florence or Siena?

It is time to find the ideal floral designer, so that your wedding in Tuscany could be a fairytale! Read more


Elopements in Tuscany are really required and we are so happy to collaborate with couples that wish to get married in Tuscany.

Why organize your elopement in Tuscany?

We have the possibility to organize a civil ceremony or a symbolic one.
It depends on the couple needs and also on their willness to take care of paperworks.

Symbolic ceremony is the simplest one to arrange in Tuscany because we will not need any documents and no appointments in the governal offices.
The couple could also arrive in Tuscany the same day of the elopement with everything organized.
This solution is great because give you the possibility to organize the ceremony wherever you want and enjoy beautiful sceneries for your romantic getaway.

Elopement in Lucca, Tuscany

Lucca is a pretty town with a strategic location: just 30 minutes far from Pisa Airport.

It has a medieval setting, it is surrounded by walls and it boasts a charming and chic countryside filled of elegant Villas available to rent for your stay.
Lucca is the ideal place for an elopement because:

  • it is not prey of mass tourism;
  • it is the right way to enjoy the authentic Tuscany far from the overcrowded tourist-beaten tracks.

We have a wide portfolio of venues where to stay or where to organize your intimate wedding.

Winter Elopement in Lucca, Tuscany

If the couple wish to get married in Lucca or in another art city of our charming region, during winter we have some lovely proposals.
It depends if you prefer:

  • cozy atmosphere;
  • an elegant charme.

We will show you our best proposals for your elopement in Lucca in winter time.

Countryside Elopement in Lucca, Tuscany

Lucca boasts a chic countryside.
We know many farmhouses and stone houses with a breath-taking view on Lucca Valley.
We love planning ceremonies with these sceneries and landscapes above all in Tuscany.
We love arranging the panoramic terrace with a colourful floral arch and a classical musician as background music for the faithful yes.

Civil Elopement in Lucca, Tuscany

If you love the idea to get civilly married in Lucca, we will be your reliable partner to manage all paperworks and book the Lucca Town Hall.
According to the italian tradition the most required location is the town hall for civil ceremonies.

Description: a wonderful stairway (perfect for the bride entrance photos) starts from the hall where halls are lined in sumptuous silk. Ancient mirrors with golden frames. The ballroom where to get married is at the first floor, really elegant thanks to ancient frescoes in green and gold colures.

Would you like to organize your elopement in Tuscany?

Please send us an email describing your idea and we will be glad to start in researching the ideal place for your romantic getaway in Tuscany.

Benedetta e Simona

How to style your Dessert table for your wedding in Tuscany

Especially if you want to have an all night party, there is nothing better than a rich dessert table for the pit stops among the wild dances on the dancefloor.

The dessert table is a must for weddings 2.0!

In Italy we boast a string tradition of pastry: a wide variety of cakes, but also biscuits and pastries!

But what are the rules to set it up?
Some suggestion to create a Dessert Table for your Wedding in Tuscany truly unforgettable. 


Many caterers offer their wedding cake and have their proposal for the dessert table.
To make this moment unforgettable for your wedding in Tuscany and add value, we suggest to our couples to schedule a tasting in a Tuscan Bakery.
We will guide the couple during the tasting and we will choose together the Wedding Cake.

At this point, we are ready to assist the couple in selecting the cakes that will be part of the dessert buffet.

Don’t forget to treasure the local gastronomy!


The wedding day consists of various moments and to each of these we love to select a relative space:
a well-defined space for the ceremony, one for the aperitif, then to follow the sitting dinner, the cut of the cake and the party after dinner.
According to our experience in planning wedding in Tuscany, the dessert buffet is to be positioned as close as possible to the dance area and the open bar.


This depends a lot on the style you have chosen to give to your wedding.
Organizing a wedding in Tuscany often involves a country style, inspired by the bucolic countryside.
For the dessert buffet in these cases we love using wood materials, copper objects, alternating with glass and wild flowers.

If instead you have chosen a more classic and elegant style, in this case we play with lights, crystals and candlesticks.
The flowers will be peonies and roses and our calligraphy will create cards with the names of their cakes.


Often the style of marriage is characterized not so much by a mood but by a color.
In the preparation of the buffet we like to use color, it creates harmony.
A trick to bring color to the buffet without inserting mousses and creams a bit ‘old fashion, are the French macarons.

Our proposals for the dessert table for your wedding in Tuscany are a lot.

We are looking forward to…  guiding you to your sweet tasting!

We offer our full consultancy on each aspect of your wedding day in Tuscany.
Write us an email to get more details.

Benedetta and Simona

Jewish Wedding under the glow of the Tuscan sun

Tuscany, our region, is such a place, majestic, rich of art, culture and architecture, with resplendent cities and amazing landscapes. Tuscany is filled with culture and enchantment in every corner, also in our pretty medieval town, Lucca where Jared and Helen have planned their Jewish Wedding in September.

Lucca Ideal Wedding Destination

Lucca is an ideal Wedding destination also for Jewish wedding.
Jared and Helen, a young couple from LA has contacted us for their Jewish Wedding under the Tuscan sun. They have chosen Lucca as their wedding destination. The most popular destination for celebrations in Tuscany is Florence but Lucca is ideal too because it boasts a strategic position, in facts it is close to Pisa Airport, only 25 min by car but also near the beaches of Versilia Coast.

Couples love Lucca because it offers a chic countryside, it is not prey of mass tourism, is a charming medieval city with an enviable location. Also Forbes affirms that Lucca is one of the most Idyllic places to live.

Stunning wedding venue in Lucca

The most important characteristics to keep in consideration for the venue scouting for Jared and Helen wedding have been: interior capacity for eventual plan b for up to 100 guests, beautiful outdoor spaces for the Jewish ceremony, wide space for the Italian style aperitif and gala dinner, dance floor for the amazing after dinner party and on site accommodation for the intimate family.

For this Jewish wedding in Tuscany we have been able to select and book, even if a little bit last minute and in a demanding period, one of the most stunning Villa of the Lucca countryside where we love to work because it boats several areas that give us the opportunity to create each time something different in terms of layout.

Happy time with friends

Jared and Helen have decided to have a destination wedding overseas because most of all, they would like to spend time together with their friends. We have taken care about this, organizing unconventional activities in the days before and after the wedding thanks to our professional staff. We have organized activities as bike tour, yummy tour to discover our savors walking around the city, dinner out in spectacular restaurant all together and also a lovely brunch in the historical center to say goodbye to the guests.

Wonderful decor

Helen was interested in a boho chic wedding, but not too country. More elegant and inspired at the opulent Italian style. Together we have defined every single detail, from the handmade stationary with cork elements to the chuppah with clean white cloth and lisiantus mixed with greenery.

The bridesmaids have on lovely floral crowns: they looked like muses, water lilies in their emerald green dress

Are you curious about what we can offer for your Jewish Wedding in Tuscany?

Send us an email with your inquiry and we will be glad to reply with our best proposal!

Looking forward to organize your wedding in Tuscany!

Simona and Benedetta


Special thanks to Alessandro Colle for these amazing photos!