How to style your Dessert table for your wedding in Tuscany

Especially if you want to have an all night party, there is nothing better than a rich dessert table for the pit stops among the wild dances on the dancefloor.

The dessert table is a must for weddings 2.0!

In Italy we boast a string tradition of pastry: a wide variety of cakes, but also biscuits and pastries!

But what are the rules to set it up?
Some suggestion to create a Dessert Table for your Wedding in Tuscany truly unforgettable. 


Many caterers offer their wedding cake and have their proposal for the dessert table.
To make this moment unforgettable for your wedding in Tuscany and add value, we suggest to our couples to schedule a tasting in a Tuscan Bakery.
We will guide the couple during the tasting and we will choose together the Wedding Cake.

At this point, we are ready to assist the couple in selecting the cakes that will be part of the dessert buffet.

Don’t forget to treasure the local gastronomy!


The wedding day consists of various moments and to each of these we love to select a relative space:
a well-defined space for the ceremony, one for the aperitif, then to follow the sitting dinner, the cut of the cake and the party after dinner.
According to our experience in planning wedding in Tuscany, the dessert buffet is to be positioned as close as possible to the dance area and the open bar.


This depends a lot on the style you have chosen to give to your wedding.
Organizing a wedding in Tuscany often involves a country style, inspired by the bucolic countryside.
For the dessert buffet in these cases we love using wood materials, copper objects, alternating with glass and wild flowers.

If instead you have chosen a more classic and elegant style, in this case we play with lights, crystals and candlesticks.
The flowers will be peonies and roses and our calligraphy will create cards with the names of their cakes.


Often the style of marriage is characterized not so much by a mood but by a color.
In the preparation of the buffet we like to use color, it creates harmony.
A trick to bring color to the buffet without inserting mousses and creams a bit ‘old fashion, are the French macarons.

Our proposals for the dessert table for your wedding in Tuscany are a lot.

We are looking forward to…  guiding you to your sweet tasting!

We offer our full consultancy on each aspect of your wedding day in Tuscany.
Write us an email to get more details.

Benedetta and Simona

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