civil ceremonies and blessing in tuscany

In Tuscany there is a wide quantity of amazing venues and farmhouses available to rent for your destination wedding.
We have a portfolio of Villas located on each corner of our charming region and we update it every day.
We are expert in the venue scouting: we believe that it is a really important step of the wedding planning.

There are many criteria that we consider selecting the ideal venue.
Among these criteria, it is important for the Wedding Planner understand what ceremony you would like to have.


When you will start to select places that you like to visit, you will have to consider many aspects, also the type ceremony that you would like to have. But why do you have to do it?
Just to make a short example, holding a civil ceremony in a Villa has to be authorized by the Local Town Hall.
In alternative the civil ceremony has to be done in the City Hall (our “Municipio”).
In Tuscany we boast historical palaces and frescoed ballrooms available in the Town Hall for the ceremony.
In Lucca couples can have the ceremony in the historical centre at Palazzo Orsetti: a truly elegant atmosphere.
The city of Lucca gives also the opportunity to hold the civil ceremony in a good range of elegant Villas located in the countryside, one of these is Villa Grabau.
In case you would like to have the wedding day in a Villa, you have to be sure that this one has the authorization from the local Town Hall: this is the reason due to the ceremony binds the choice of the venue.


A blessing is a symbolic ceremony that has not civil or religious value and it is done with a professional celebrant.
We boast a wide portfolio of celebrants in every language the couple requires.
In this case the venue doesn’t need to have the authorization from the local authority:
you can decide and choose any venue you prefer.
Deciding to have a symbolic ceremony it is also a way to save money: in fact the civil ceremony for foreigners citizens require the payment of some taxes.
The symbolic ceremony gives also you the possibility to create a customized atmosphere and add personal readings.
An idea could be have the civil ceremony in your country and organize on site at the Villa in Tuscany a lovely and romantic ceremony whit floral arrangements and classical musicians.

Are you organizing your ceremony in Tuscany?
Do you need help in the paperwork’s or in booking a celebrant?

Send us an email and we will be glad to collaborate with you.

Simona e Benedetta

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