Goodmorning Wife and Husband!

Breakfast in bed is nice, isn’t it?

But we have a better idea to start your life, dear newlyweds: a wedding brunch.

Why have I a post-wedding brunch?

You might consider having one if:

  • You would like to recap the best moments of your wedding day with your dearest before they leave the wedding destination;
  • You would like to thank your guests for traveling so far for your destination wedding;

Where do you organize the post-wedding brunch?

We suggest to held the brunch near the wedding venue.

Tip: you married in a hotel having a restaurant or cosy lounge? Or you married in a Villa?

Ask your Wedding Planner to organize the brunch, arranging  a special menu for the occasion.

What is the better time for the brunch?

Be Careful About Timing!
If you had an evening wedding… the suggestion is to not schedule the brunch too early, above all if you have had a great party after dinner!
Leave time for everyone to be able to sleep in after the night’s festivities.

They will be happy of this.


Keep It Simple!
Together with your Wedding Planner, you have already planned an elaborate affair!

It is better having an easy-going brunch and don’t worry too much about flowers and decorations.

And finally, don’t forget to relax!

Are you dreaming a destination wedding in Tuscany?

Send us an email and we will realize your dream with the best Made in Italy vendors and the most Stunning Villas.

Simona and Benedetta



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