Destination Wedding in Tuscany: The Ultimate Wedding Check List

Destination wedding in Tuscany need to start the planning at least 12 months before the date.

Especially if you are plan a wedding abroad…

What you need?

You need to hire a professional wedding planner!

Firstly… :

1. engage your wedding planner.

At this time… (thanks to the consultancy of your planner)

2. venue’s scouting

Obviously the scouting of the venue for your destination weddings in Tuscany is one of the trickier part of the planning:

It should be noted that the research of the ideal place is already part of the job of the planner.

Firstly: hire the planner ideal for you.

Secondly: entrust the planner the research of the perfect venue for your destination wedding weekend in Tuscany.

The phase of the venue includes many small actions as:

  • Above all figure out the kind of wedding you really want
  • Set your wedding budget for your destination wedding in Tuscany clearly
  • Make a preliminary guests list
  • Last but not least … Define your wedding date

The following phase.

At this time you have to define what kind of ceremony would you like to organize.
A civil ceremony in Lucca?
A blessing in the Siena countryside?
Or a Jewish ceremony outdoor with a Rabbi?

Your destination wedding in Tuscany is the best way to give to your guests the possibility to have one of the greatest food experience.

Following the definition of the ceremony, it is now time to define the caterer service.

Clearly there are many actions to define and many services to define to plan your destination wedding in Tuscany.

We have created a great check list that will help you and us in maintaining a clear idea of the planning situation of your destination wedding weekend in Lucca, Firenze, Siena.

Last but not least… 2020 seems to be a busy wedding season:

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Benedetta, Simona e Elena


Photo courtesy Funky Bird Photography 

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