Eloping in Tuscany: best 5 ideas for your romantic getaway

Tuscany is the most demanded region in Italy for destination weddings.
And we are so glad for this!

Why eloping in Tuscany? Our charming region boasts an impressive landscape.

Today we would like to investigate the wide variety of options that are at your disposal for your elopement in Tuscany.

Because Tuscany is not only rolling hills and country chic farmhouses. But salt, sun, relax, luxury, elegance and more.

Bucolic elopement

What’s right for you is a farmhouse on the hills.
We love ceremonies through the olive groves and vineyards.
Try to imagine the magical atmosphere.
We will propose you lovely places for your pleasant stay.

Fairy-tale elopement

The perfect place is a castle immersed in the countryside.
We know many venues with this medieval setting in the Chianti Area and near Montalcino.
This is the ideal beginning for your honeymoon in Tuscany.

Country chic elopement

Choose an iconic boutique hotel and its amazing scenery.
Many of them are totally immersed in the countryside.
If you want relax and an intimate elopement, this is what is ideal for you.

Elegant elopement

Decide to get married in an Italian style Villa.
Lucca Area is full of Renaissance Villas and Historical Estates.
This is our favourite one.

Seaside elopement

What could be more enchanting than a ceremony made of salt and sun?
Choose the luxury and comfort of Versilia Coast:
many stunning spots for your romantic getaway.

We have a long experience in the wedding industry and thanks to it we have chosen our favourite venues and vendors in Tuscany.

Send us an email, we will be glad to send our proposals for your elopement.

Benedetta e Simona

Photo Courtesy: Stefano Santucci 

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