FAQ for a perfect wedding


How long before it is necessary to start with the organisation of the wedding?

The best period to contact a professional wedding planner may vary comparing with the needs of the couple; the most important thing to be defined is the research of the ideal venue.

The most beautiful Tuscan venues which may offer flexible accommodations are in fact the ones more required, such as the ones in which it is allowed the civil ceremony on site.

Considering this trends, we think that the best period to start to organize a wedding abroad is 15 months before the date.

The choice of the ideal venue comparing with the number of guests. How to manage this factor?

Our suggestion is to try to focus the exact number of guests with a large advance considering that there will be probably a 15% of decreasing.
In this way you will avoid to rent big villas in which in case of less guests the space will look emtpy.

If the couple requires also accommadation servics for their guests there are a couple of valid options:

  1. Looking for a venue that offer a number of beds for the family and the intimate friends suggesting the others to stay in a hotels or B&B nearby
  2. Otherwise to choose a place where all guests can be accommodated together creating a unique atmospheare in the same venue.

How to proceed with legal paperwork for the civil ceremony?

The taking care of paperwork for couples who like to get married abroad have to be managed by a professional wedding planner. The planner will inform the couple about which are documents necessary for the local town hall to be collected in their country and which ones have to be required insdead in Italy.

Our company boats many reliable collaborators also close to the different Embassis. Our staff will accompany you directly to the exact legal offices offering assistance for everything.

Why it is so important to hire an expert wedding planner?

Hiring an expert wedding planner it means not only trusting in reliable professional suppliers which collaborate together for years as a close staff, but also having the opportunity to create successful, perfect events.
Thanks to the coordination of a professional planner there will be neither setbacks, nor unpleasant elements and the couple will be able to enjoy their event beyond the period of the organization of the wedding day.

There are several trade secrets to organize an event, technical and aeshtetic details that only a professioanl figure is able to realize.
The planner figure is so one of the most important elements to get married abroad she will help the couple in the choise of the services and decorations and in the bureaucratic aspects of the ceremony.
The planner most of all will check and respect the budget of the couple avoiding them to be stressed during one of the most unforgettable period of their life.

Which is the “right” budget for a succesful wedding event?

We often receive this question. There are severals aspects that may influence this sum most of all the choice of the venue and the choice of the entertainment services –live band, actors, dj …or the kind of menu or flower decorations.
Thanks to our experience we can say at the moment that the ‘right” sum to get married in Tuscany starts from Euro 150,00 pp. Not including accommodation services.

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