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Posted by Benedetta - on 02/05/2024
From the Big Screen to Wedding Dreams: Lucca as the Ultimate Tuscan Destination
Lucca, with its timeless elegance and historical charm, has often served as the backdrop for significant film productions and now returns to the spotlight thanks to British director Peter Greenaway's latest film featuring stars such as Dustin Hoffman and Helen Hunt.

The project captivates viewers not only with its evocative choice of locations but also with its deep narrative commitment. The title, still not finalized, currently alternates between "Lucca Mortis," "Lucca Towers," and "Towers Stories." The plot centers on a New Yorker writer who, post-September 11, travels to Lucca in search of his Italian roots. This intricate story unfolds on the historic streets of the city and in some of its most beautiful buildings like Palazzo Pfanner and the Atelier Ricci headquarter.

"Lucca Mortis" (apparently Greenaway's preferred title as it aptly describes the film, though it may change for marketing reasons) promises to be a work that celebrates the beauty of Tuscany and the depth of human relationships, exemplifying how cinema can enhance and enrich the perception of a place as ideal for celebrating life's most significant moments.

The film's talented stars, Hoffman and Hunt, along with director Peter Greenaway, expressed their love for Lucca at an event organized by the municipal administration at Palazzo Orsetti in early April. According to the local newspaper, La Nazione, the director reiterated the central role of the city in this work and stated that Lucca would be portrayed uniquely.

Lucca captivated the British director's imagination about ten years ago when he created the multimedia work "The Towers | Lucca Hubris" during the ninth edition of the Lucca Film Festival. This work transformed the facade of the Church of San Francesco into a scene of "architectural cinema," animating the entire exterior surface of the church for about 35 minutes and turning it into a space for a unique visual event.


Lucca Film Festival

Launched in 2005, the Lucca Film Festival celebrates cinema in various forms, merging mainstream and arthouse cinema. Annually, Lucca turns into a cinematic stage hosting screenings, exhibitions, conferences, and live performances. Over the years, the festival has welcomed international cinema stars such as David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Oliver Stone, enriching the city with profound cultural dialogue.

The festival not only celebrates film but also encourages interaction between different art forms, making each edition a unique experience. The 2024 edition, scheduled from September 21 to 29, promises to be another exciting chapter in the festival's history.


Lucca and Cinema: An Open Set to the World

Lucca is not only the focus of Peter Greenaway's recent project but also the location chosen for internationally renowned films that have captured the essence of the city and transformed it into a living cinematic canvas. Il "Marchese del Grillo", directed by Mario Monicelli, and "Portrait of a Lady" by Jane Campion, starring Nicole Kidman, are just two examples of films that have used Lucca's historic villas and streets as narrative backdrops. Both movies featured scenes filmed at Palazzo Pfanner, underscoring Lucca's versatility as a film set adaptable to various eras and styles as well as attracting world-famous directors and actors seeking authentic and historically rich locations.


Lucca: The Perfect Backdrop for a Wedding in Tuscany

Lucca, one of Tuscany's most enchanting cities of art, is a less-explored gem compared to more famous destinations like Florence and Siena but is no less captivating. With a magnificent historic center enclosed by massive Renaissance walls, Lucca invites its visitors to immerse themselves in atmospheric alleys, elegant restaurants, and relaxing cafes, experiencing an authentic Italian lifestyle. This exclusive and historically rich setting makes Lucca an ideal choice for unforgettable weddings.

Its attractions include beautiful churches, charming squares, and historic palaces, offering a variety of romantic options for any ceremony. Lucca is also renowned for its culinary traditions, adding a touch of authenticity and Tuscan flavor to any wedding.

The New York Times has described Lucca as a "charming alternative" to busier cities like Florence, further highlighting its appeal as a wedding destination.


Palazzo Pfanner: A Dream Wedding Venue in the Heart of Lucca

Palazzo Pfanner, an architectural gem nestled in the heart of Lucca, is not only a famous cinematic location but also a perfect venue for hosting an exclusive wedding. The Baroque garden, designed in the early eighteenth century, stretches in a symphony of colors and shapes, with ancient lemon pots, marble statues of Greek deities, and a variety of ornamental plants that change with the seasons, creating the ideal setting for a marriage celebration. In addition, the large octagonal pond and boxwood hedges outline the formal garden, while the spectacular frescoed interiors and grand staircase offer an environment of unmatched elegance and style. Every wedding celebrated here becomes part of the rich history of Lucca, a storied town that enchants visitors with its authenticity and unique Tuscan lifestyle.

Ph. Credits: The first four photos were published on the Lucca Film Festival Facebook page.

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