Hello Spring: the ideal budget for flowers for your Tuscan wedding!

Hello Spring and Goodbye Winter!
Today we are going to talk about wedding flowers and our suggestions to build your wedding flowers budget.

Let’s start!

1. Flowers in Italy are expensive!

Keep in consideration this fact when you are building your budget: if you would like to have a nice wedding (as many you see and save from Pinterest) you should spend some money!

Photo Courtesy: Stefano Santucci 

2. The false perfection on Pinterest

Use cleverly Pinterest.
The virtual pin-world seems like fertile ground for people into unattainable ideals of perfection.
Everything seems so easy to do and so easy to obtain.
But if you want a wedding that respects your Pinterest expectations you have to invest a lot in flowers.

Photo Courtesy: Alice Franchi

3. Common errors about saving budget on flowers

Many couples would like to spend not so much in flowers, and prefer to invest in music entertainment, rental of furniture or open bar service.
They ask us for some tricks to save money for flowers wondering if they can buy flowers in their country and bring them to Italy and then ask a florist to place them nicely.

In other cases, they would like to engage a friend to help with that.
But if you are dreaming of a nice event, this can’t work!

Photo Courtesy: Studio Fotografico Righi

4. Professional suppliers for your floral arrangement

We love to work only with experienced vendors that can ensure us the best result.

We have also to consider that professional flowers’ designers have studied for doing their job,
they’re constantly updated on the latest trends, they know flowers, how to treat them and their seasonality!

Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Colle

A good idea to save some money and create a lovely event is to avoid expensive flowers and using seasonal ones,
these and other suggestions will guide you to realize your dreams.

Ask us for a quotation, sending us an email about your destination wedding in Tuscany

Benedetta e Simona.

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