Patterned tablecloths are the new trend for your tuscan wedding

When we create the layout and style of our destination weddings in Tuscany – we love designing and paying a lot of attention to seated dinner tables.

During the last years many couples have decided to have imperial tables instead of round tables: many couples have decided to have a white tablecloth to oppose to the green of the Tuscan fields. This is really traditional but perfectly fine.

A big part of couples have decided to design naked imperial tables with only runner in ecru color and natural wooden tables.

During the phase of the table design you will have many items to consider, some are:

  • Dishware
  • Cutlery
  • Drinking glasses (we love Vintage Glasses)
  • Napkins

But there is one detail that could make the difference of the entire table scape of your destination wedding in Tuscany.

Your linens!

Yes, they are becoming quite the big deal for a successful wedding design in Tuscany.

In Tuscany we have many professional and excellent vendors and among them there are also elite linen rental company and we love to combine our forces.

Choosing statement linens, you will create a completely new reception table and they will stand out all on their own.

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Benedetta, Elena and Simona




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