Plan a wedding in a Borgo in Tuscany: 5 reasons

Plan a Wedding in a Borgo in Tuscany if you are you looking for something with an important Tuscan Flavour. A little medieval village will be the perfect wedding venue for a country chic reception in Tuscany.

5 reasons to plan a wedding in a Borgo in Tuscany

1. Accommodation

plan a wedding in a borgo in tuscany

There are several Borgo in Tuscany that are been restored as lovely and luxury resort. We can propose you Borgo that can host up to 25 pax or even to more than 80 pax. Plan a wedding in a Borgo in Tuscany will be perfect for those who are looking forward to accommodate the majority of guests in the same venue of the reception and the ceremony.

2. Ceremony

plan a wedding in a borgo in tuscany

A lot of these Borgo have maintened the original Borgo features. We can propose you some Borgo also with little chapels where plan religious ceremony. The majority boast tiny chapels, but we have some proposal also with churches that can host up to 80 guests or more. If you are interested in have a symbolic wedding, the tiny chapels can be the ideal setting for the rite or for the shooting. Tuscan Borgo are the ideal location also for those who want to renew their vows. Plan a wedding in a Borgo in Tuscany is the ideal also if you are you interested in a civil ceremony. Well, we have something for you. You can plan an outdoor ceremony, crossing fingers.

plan a wedding in a borgo in tuscany religious ceremony

3. Panoramic view

plan a wedding in a borgo in tuscany

These little Borgo are immersed in the countryside, most of all in panoramic area. If the weather will be sunny you can plan an outdoor gala dinner in perfect country chic mood. Your guests will enjoy a breathtaking view, olive grooves, vineyards. A really Tuscan experience.

4. Wedding Km 0

plan a wedding in a borgo in tuscany country chic

Most of these Borgo have been resotred by agricultural estates. For this reason these are ideal wedding venues for those who love nature and want to plan an organic wedding with a km 0 menu. Why don’t serve the wine prodcuted in the same area? Lot of these Borgo boast also ancient cellars where organize lovely apertig and tastings also the days before the wedding.

5. Enjoy time together

plan a wedding in a borgo in tuscany

These solutions provides several common spaces that you can enjoy with your guests planning a bbq the night before the wedding. Or why not a brunch the day after the wedding? You can keep going and continuing toast to eternal love with super tasty buschette and olives. Are you looking for something more? We are specilized in concierge service. Let us show you a side of Tuscany few tourists ever see with exclusive activities!


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