The rehearsal dinner: the American tradition flies to Tuscany!

The rehearsal dinner comes from the American wedding customs and nowadays has been imported by us.

What is it about?

Why is it so popular in the last wedding seasons?

The rehearsal dinner is a dinner that is organized the night before the big day, almost all the guests of the wedding are invited to take part at it and, according to the American tradition, the costs are borne by the groom’s parents. Although nowadays it is often the groom himself, or the bride’s parents to pay for this kind of welcome dinner.

We say welcome not randomly.
In the last years destination weddings are really fashionable and in vogue.
Celebrations now are longer, and they are often an opportunity to spend time with friends and family for 3 days in spectacular places, as our Tuscany is.
And that’s why the rehearsal dinner is so required: it allows bride and groom to welcome the newly arrived guests in the chosen Medieval village for the wedding weekend.

Here are the 3 keywords to organize a perfect rehearsal dinner


The main aim of the renowned dinner-the-evening-before-marriage is just this:



stay together

We mean stay together between the bride team and the groom team. Let know the relatives and friends of one team with the other ones. It is a dinner designed for icebreaking, and this will allow the couple to have a more amusing party all night long at the wedding day.

2. FUN

It’s common knowledge that fun, for centuries, is the essential ingredient for icebreaking.
If fun is combined with good wine, success is assured!

And the Tuscan wine is so amazing!

So let’s think about nice activities to do all together: a good idea could be a bike tour to reach the venue of the dinner.

Or why not a treasure hunt? Keep hidden the name of the venue, and let the guests, divided into mixed teams, to find it!


If you want to facilitate the knowledge of the two sides, we are ironic, organize an informal dinner. Choose an alternative location (not the one of the wedding day) not far from the place of the overnight stay. You can choose a panoramic restaurant, a rustic farmhouse in the countryside, an ancient wine cellar.
But please don’t forget: the dress code does not include long dresses and sparkling outfit.

Let’s leave them for the next day! Do you agree?

For couples who entrust Luccaorganizza for the wedding planning, we offer consultancy and assistance totally, at 360 degrees. Also for the dinner-the-evening-before-the-wedding.
We take care of the menu, the entertainment, we negotiate prices with vendors, we select together the venue and propose funny activities.

We will take care of everything and you will only have fun!

Do you want to know more about our services for your destination wedding in Tuscany?

Write us an email: we can’t wait to know you and start together your wedding planning.

Simona and Benedetta

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