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Posted by Benedetta - on 10/05/2023
Top 10 experiences for you and your guests to live during your Destination Wedding in Tuscany
A wedding in Tuscany is a unique and unforgettable experience. With its rolling hills, art cities, and breathtaking countryside, the region offers the utmost in terms of beauty and romance and plenty of opportunities for interesting activities to satisfy every taste and interest. Here are some ideas to make your loved ones' stay memorable:

1. Food and wine tours: Tuscany is famous for its cuisine and amazing wines. Offer your guests a food and wine tour to taste local specialties, olive oil, cheeses and wines of the region. You can also arrange a visit to the wineries.

2. Guided tours to the cities of art as Lucca, Florence, Siena and Pisa: You have plenty of choices. Organizing a guided tour of one or more of these cities for your guests is a great idea. You can choose a visit to the famous museums and monuments and customize the tours to suit the tastes of your guests, such as a food and wine walk to discover local specialties or a tour of local artisans.

3. Hiking, cycling or horseback riding: A hike or bike ride will give you the chance to explore the region thoroughly and admire the natural beauty of the area.

4. Cooking classes: Tuscan cuisine is famous all over the world for its goodness and the use of healthy and genuine ingredients. Offer your guests a cooking class to learn how to cook some of the typical traditional dishes such as pappa al pomodoro and ribollita. This activity is perfect for a group of friends or for families.

5. Relax at the spa: Tuscany is also famous for its natural spas. Invite your guests to relax and enjoy the thermal waters at a local spa.

6. A day at the beach: Not everyone knows, but Tuscany also has a beautiful coastline, with white beaches and crystal clear waters. Organizing a day at the beach for your loved ones can be a perfect idea for those who like to sunbathe and relax on the beach. Guests can also choose to arrange a boat trip to explore the coast or a dinner by the sea to watch the sunset.

7. Truffle hunting: Truffle hunting in Tuscany is a fun activity that allows you to discover the secrets of the territory and local culture. In this region, in fact, the truffle is a very appreciated food, and its research is an ancient tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Once you have found the truffles, you will have the opportunity to taste them fresh, perhaps combined with traditional Tuscan dishes.

8. Trekking in the Apuan Alps Regional Park: Apuan Alps are the ideal destination for trekking lovers, with peaks that exceed 2,000 meters and a rich variety of flora and fauna. The beauty of the views and the feeling of freedom that you enjoy walking in nature make the experience absolutely unforgettable.

9. Visit to the Carrara Marble Quarries: The visit to the marble quarries is a unique experience that will offer your guests the opportunity to discover the history of this millenary activity. Located in the Apuan Alps, the Carrara quarries are famous all over the world for the quality of their marble and for their importance in art and architecture. During the visit, visitors will be able to admire the impressive marble walls, discover the process of marble extraction, from cutting to sculpture.

10. Pizza party for your guests: Imagine sitting outdoors, surrounded by breathtaking views, in front of you a traditional wood-burning oven producing an irresistible scent of baked pizza prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients. All to be enjoyed accompanied by a selection of the best Tuscan wines while admiring the sunset. A pizza party will be the perfect opportunity to relax and socialize with friends and family before your wedding. An authentic and fun experience.

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