What Should a Destination Wedding Photography Package Include?

Are you planning a destination wedding in Tuscany?

On Instagram you can find so many accounts of destination photographers in Tuscany, but how to choose the ideal one?

Today we would like to clarify what is (usually) included in the photographer package.

Photographer packages are based on the number of hours the photographer works and the quantity of photographs included.

For shorter packages, the photographer will meet you just before the ceremony, this is useful for intimate weddings or elopement in Tuscany.

If you choose a package with longer hours, he/she may meet you at your hotel or villa to take some ‘getting ready’ shots. We love them!

In this case, your wedding planner will schedule a meeting in her office, prior to your wedding so that you can meet your photographer before the day. It is important built a human relationship with this partner.

Generally, the photographer will shoot during the ceremony and then while your guests move off to the reception, he/she will spend around twenty to thirty minutes alone with you to take special couple shots.

This if you like, can be followed by family and group shots during the reception cocktails.

Once you are seated for dinner, very few pictures will be taken.
The majority are captured before the dinner.

Following your meal, the photographer will shoot those memorable moments such as your first dance and the cutting of the cake.

Next post will be about our philosophy to choose the ideal wedding Photographer.

If you need any clarifications and contact of reliable photographers in Tuscany, send us an email!

Benedetta e Simona


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