How to style your Dessert table for your wedding in Tuscany

Especially if you want to have an all night party, there is nothing better than a rich dessert table for the pit stops among the wild dances on the dancefloor.

The dessert table is a must for weddings 2.0!

In Italy we boast a string tradition of pastry: a wide variety of cakes, but also biscuits and pastries!

But what are the rules to set it up?
Some suggestion to create a Dessert Table for your Wedding in Tuscany truly unforgettable. 


Many caterers offer their wedding cake and have their proposal for the dessert table.
To make this moment unforgettable for your wedding in Tuscany and add value, we suggest to our couples to schedule a tasting in a Tuscan Bakery.
We will guide the couple during the tasting and we will choose together the Wedding Cake.

At this point, we are ready to assist the couple in selecting the cakes that will be part of the dessert buffet.

Don’t forget to treasure the local gastronomy!


The wedding day consists of various moments and to each of these we love to select a relative space:
a well-defined space for the ceremony, one for the aperitif, then to follow the sitting dinner, the cut of the cake and the party after dinner.
According to our experience in planning wedding in Tuscany, the dessert buffet is to be positioned as close as possible to the dance area and the open bar.


This depends a lot on the style you have chosen to give to your wedding.
Organizing a wedding in Tuscany often involves a country style, inspired by the bucolic countryside.
For the dessert buffet in these cases we love using wood materials, copper objects, alternating with glass and wild flowers.

If instead you have chosen a more classic and elegant style, in this case we play with lights, crystals and candlesticks.
The flowers will be peonies and roses and our calligraphy will create cards with the names of their cakes.


Often the style of marriage is characterized not so much by a mood but by a color.
In the preparation of the buffet we like to use color, it creates harmony.
A trick to bring color to the buffet without inserting mousses and creams a bit ‘old fashion, are the French macarons.

Our proposals for the  dessert table for your wedding in Tuscany are a lot.

We are looking forward to…  guiding you to your sweet tasting!

We offer our full consultancy on each aspect of your wedding day in Tuscany.
Write us an email to get more details.

Benedetta and Simona


Goodmorning Wife and Husband!

Breakfast in bed is nice, isn’t it?

But we have a better idea to start your life, dear newlyweds: a wedding brunch.

Why have I a post-wedding brunch?

You might consider having one if:

  • You would like to recap the best moments of your wedding day with your dearest before they leave the wedding destination;
  • You would like to thank your guests for traveling so far for your destination wedding;

Where do you organize the post-wedding brunch?

We suggest to held the brunch near the wedding venue.

Tip: you married in a hotel having a restaurant or cosy lounge? Or you married in a Villa?

Ask your Wedding Planner to organize the brunch, arranging  a special menu for the occasion.

What is the better time for the brunch?

Be Careful About Timing!
If you had an evening wedding… the suggestion is to not schedule the brunch too early, above all if you have had a great party after dinner!
Leave time for everyone to be able to sleep in after the night’s festivities.

They will be happy of this.


Keep It Simple!
Together with your Wedding Planner, you have already planned an elaborate affair!

It is better having an easy-going brunch and don’t worry too much about flowers and decorations.

And finally, don’t forget to relax!

Are you dreaming a destination wedding in Tuscany?

Send us an email and we will realize your dream with the best Made in Italy vendors and the most Stunning Villas.

Simona and Benedetta




The layout or tablescape, or as we use to say in Italy the “mise en place”, is really important.
We can say that is as essential as the dress is for the bride.
Even with a limited budget, if you choose a beautiful “mise en place” your work is already half done.

First step: how much to spend

Make sure you know how much you want to spend on décor: it is not easy understanding how much invest on it and your Wedding Planner will give you useful suggestions considering also that type of chairs you will use.

Second step: where the guests will spend their time

Think about where your guests will be spending the majority of their time.
Maybe at their table? In this case, you should plan to spend extra time and attention, and also budget, on the tablescape.

Third step: the table line

Define the table linen. They are in so different colors, fabrics, and textures.

Fourth step: the napkins

Define the napkin.
Please, select a napkin that is functional: a lace or sequin napkin is probably not going to be really comfortable.

Fifth step: the chairs

Determine what type of chair.
Please pay attention at this step, because there are many kinds of chairs and also different prices: the risk is to spend all the budget agreed only in chairs.


Sixth step: your centerpieces

Define the style of centerpieces. Do you prefer tall or short centerpieces? Have no idea?
Create a Pinterest Board with photos of the event that you love, share the Board with your Wedding Planner and with the Flower Designer too.

Trick: Have you saved many photos of centerpieces?
Print it to imagine it in the center of your tablescape. Or, better, ask to the flower designer to do a trial.

Seventh Step: flatware and glassware

There are so many options available, more traditional or more modern like square dinner plates or rose gold flatware!

Final touch: stationery

Determine the style of your stationery. It ranges from menus, thank you cards, seat cards and table numbers.
Endless possibilities: printed menus, romantic cards with calligraphy, place cards with cork…


Congrats: you’ve designed your perfect Tablescape!

In our long experience in the Wedding Industry, we have defined the best approach to determine the Tablescape:
we propose a layered approach that allows us to build the layout from the “bottom” up.
In building from the bottom up, we can be sure that there is consistency across the different layers.

Would you like to know the latest trends for the tablescape?

Where to find the latest underplates and the vintage glasses?

We have a big portfolio of vendors all around Italy that rent all you can imagine.

Send us an email and we will be happy to send you our proposal.

Benedetta and Simona


The Destination Wedding is the trend of the moment and it involves everyone, more than ever VIPs.

Many famous couples of Cinema and TV shows have chosen Italy for their wedding day, organizing truly exclusive parties in stunning Villas.

Did you remember the most recent ones? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Florence, George Clooney and Amal Almuddin in Venice, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes near Rome, just to make few examples…

Italy is the land of love; singers, actors and models from all over the world know it well.

Nobles and royals know this too, as in the case of future spouses Harry and Meghan, who will marry at Windsor Castle in front of 600 guests this Saturday.


What to do when the love for Italy is strong but you have to get married in England?


Simply invite Italy as a guest at the Royal Wedding.




You got it right, Harry and Meghan have chosen Pelino, a specialized business company based in Sulmona, for their confetti and bouquets.

We are sure of this, thanks to a press release from the company.

It is not the first time that this happens. This tradition has been carried on by the English Crown for long time, both for the marriage of Carlo and Diana and, later, for William and Kate.

Imagine… the company has been contacted approximately a month ago, with a phone call directly from the British Embassy.

The staff of Pelino has created a flower in the colours of the English flag engraved by hand with the names of the couple. Also seven qualities of confetti have been delivered to the Embassy obviously prepared following the recipe dating back to 1400.

Immense satisfaction for the company but also for all of us.

Knowing that Made in Italy continues to make people talk about our story, it is a truly and immeasurable gratification.

Are you dreaming a Made in Italy wedding?

Send us an email and we will realize our dream with the best Made in Italy vendors.


Simona and Benedetta


During our long experience we have met many brides, and… many mothers of the bride!

What a joy know that your lovely girl is getting married! Isnt’t it?

But what is the role of the mother of the bride in the wedding planning?

It is changed in the years.

Once upon a time, she was really important in the organization.
The main reason was to have her own dreams realized.

Nowadays the daughter is the leading actor: she will probably have her own vision and personal ideas.
And often they are drastically different with the mother ones.

Today we would like to give you a sort of list regarding responsibilities of the mother of the bride in the wedding Planning, also about destination wedding in Tuscany.


  • Be a warm listener and a source of support for your daughter;
  • Help the bride find the wedding dress of her dreams;
  • Help the daughter in selecting the best Wedding Planner for her destination wedding and support her during the Venue Scouting;
  • Choose your dress as soon as possible, then let the groom’s mother know what you have choose.
    A suggestion: send her a photo of your choice, maybe you can be dressed in a similar way. Why not?
  • The wedding budget : deepen this aspect with your daughter and her future husband being clear on how much you will contribute;
  • Attend the wedding shower, the daughter will be so pleased of it! And don’t forget to take part at the rehearsal dinner.
  • The wedding day: escort the bride down the aisle, and why not read something special during the ceremony?


Finally help your daughter will any other details she asks you to, you will be fundamental for her in this unforgettable day!


We will be glad to know your mother and involving also her in the planning, but at first respecting the bride vision and her will in each aspect of the wedding day.

In case of different visions, the role of the Wedding Planner as a third part is to try to find an agreement and a compromise so that the bride and her mother could be both happy.

We are glad to know more about what you are looking for your wedding day in Tuscany.

Send us an email with your ideas.


Simona e Benedetta



Tuscany is renown all around the world for its beauty: art cities, wonderful landscapes, excellent wines and tasty food.
The collective imagination compares the Tuscan Life Style to beautiful open spaces, dinner with a view at the sunset.
A healthy lifestyle, stone houses, medieval borgos, vintage cars and lot of bucolic activities among vineyards and olive trees. Immersed in the greenery.

If you are going to get married in Tuscany, one of the first step that each bride-to-be does is start to pin and create Pinterest Board.

If you text Wedding in Tuscany on Pinterest you will find lot of pictures about wine wedding theme, garland with olive leaves, customized olive oil bottles and centrepieces with lemons.

Today we would like to give you 5 suggestions.


Every bride-to-be wants her destination wedding to be unforgettable.
For this reason, we assert that making decor decisions based on what everyone else has already pinned research Wedding in Tuscany, isn’t the best solution.
Let your Wedding Planner together with the team of collaborators to give you their proposals according their experience.


Are you researching a hair and make-up artist to take care of your preparation?
Finally, you have find the one of your dreams and you show her your “Wedding Hair Ideas” board. It shows over 100 pins of very, very different styles.
In this case too, Pinterest can create confusion more than selection.


Pinterest boasts a lot of crafty solutions.
Home-made place cards, ceremony fans, photo booth props, confetti cones and more.
Please pay attention: there’s often an insanely over-the-top tablescape, fireworks display, or dress with a price tag that’s bigger than a mortgage down payment.
With this tick the wedding DIY proposals seem to be more stunning than in reality.


When the bride-to-be starts with the planning, she is assaulted by a sort of compulsive addiction with social sharing site with wedding tips. Over 176 million people all around the world are Pinterest users and 38 million Pinterest boards are dedicated to weddings.
In particular the 70 % of brides make bridal inspiration boards before they’re engaged.
Please consider this aspect.


The virtual pin-world seems like fertile ground for people into unattainable ideals of perfection.
Several pins represent things to do with ribbon, a glue gun, mason jars…
Everything seem so easy to do and so easy to obtain, without forgetting the big quantity of pins with tealights, hurricane vases. If you will require this quantity of candles to your Wedding Planner, she will break your heart affirming that in this case the 10% of your budget will be absorbed to create your candlelit walk.


No! Don’t get us wrong.
Pinterest could be useful to deepen the preferences of the couple, and we love pinning too.
It is time to use Pinterest cleverly and to let the Wedding Planner be able to give you consultancy.

Are you dreaming a destination wedding in Tuscany?

Send us an email and we will be glad to collaborate whit you.

Simona e Benedetta

How to plan a Wedding Weekend?

Destination weddings are so popular nowadays: Tuscany is the first region in Italy, it boasts the most numbers of wedding of foreign couples and we are so glad about this!

The reasons are a lot: natural beauty, architecture, amazing views and wide portfolio of venues.

In Tuscany there are also so many art cities as Florence, Siena and our pretty town… Lucca!
With its strategic position and classy atmosphere is the ideal destination for a wedding weekend.

But first of all, what is a wedding weekend?

It is usually a 3 days celebration:
the couple decides to get married not at home but invites their guests to fly away with them.

Destination? Destination Wedding.

The wedding will last 3 days, there will be time to welcome everybody at the venue, organize activities together, plan a rehearsal dinner .

Finally (but not last) the wedding day!
Why not last?

Because the day after.. it’s time to brunch all together!

Are you in love with destination weddings in Tuscany?

Here below 3 important tips for a successful wedding weekend in our charming region


How to make a wedding weekend works?
The essential thing is concentrate the major part of guests in the same area:
the same historical estate or country house, or just nearby.
We use to suggest also urban wedding weekend, giving to our couple a selected list of accommodation inside the city: b&b, boutique hotels and exclusive accommodation (for all budgets).
Guests will decide where to stay inside the town.

For do this is important an excellent planning and coordination:

to make things work, they must be easy.

We have to be honest: this is the hardest part of the planning, find the right venue suitable to accommodate your guests. But we are here to give you our consultancy and show you our portfolio of accommodation villas nestled all around our region.


On the Friday of your wedding weekend in Tuscany the keywords are two:

Welcome: organize a lovely rehearsal dinner, in perfect Italian style. It must be informal but at the same time refined! How to do it? Read more here;

Icebreaking: organize nice activities so that the two sides could start to be more confidential. Examples: bike tour by night, dancing, quiz and so on. More activities listed here.


On the Saturday of your wedding weekend in Tuscany the keywords are two:

– Hangover: We know, weddings are the often the occasion to drink a little bit more… Be prepared!
The are a lot tried-and-true methods to cure a post-wedding hangover: use them, create an hangover kit for your guests so that everybody can get the glow back stat.

– Brunch: Maybe a pic-nic, or a simple bbq all together around the pool.
Organize a brunch for the day after the wedding to say goodbye to your guests in the best way!

Are you curious about what we can organize to make your wedding weekend truly exclusive?

Send us an email and we will be glad to give you our consultancy!

Simona e Benedetta

The rehearsal dinner: the American tradition flies to Tuscany!

The rehearsal dinner comes from the American wedding customs and nowadays has been imported by us.

What is it about?

Why is it so popular in the last wedding seasons?

The rehearsal dinner is a dinner that is organized the night before the big day, almost all the guests of the wedding are invited to take part at it and, according to the American tradition, the costs are borne by the groom’s parents. Although nowadays it is often the groom himself, or the bride’s parents to pay for this kind of welcome dinner.

We say welcome not randomly.
In the last years destination weddings are really fashionable and in vogue.
Celebrations now are longer, and they are often an opportunity to spend time with friends and family for 3 days in spectacular places, as our Tuscany is.
And that’s why the rehearsal dinner is so required: it allows bride and groom to welcome the newly arrived guests in the chosen Medieval village for the wedding weekend.

Here are the 3 keywords to organize a perfect rehearsal dinner


The main aim of the renowned dinner-the-evening-before-marriage is just this:



stay together

We mean stay together between the bride team and the groom team. Let know the relatives and friends of one team with the other ones. It is a dinner designed for icebreaking, and this will allow the couple to have a more amusing party all night long at the wedding day.

2. FUN

It’s common knowledge that fun, for centuries, is the essential ingredient for icebreaking.
If fun is combined with good wine, success is assured!

And the Tuscan wine is so amazing!

So let’s think about nice activities to do all together: a good idea could be a bike tour to reach the venue of the dinner.

Or why not a treasure hunt? Keep hidden the name of the venue, and let the guests, divided into mixed teams, to find it!


If you want to facilitate the knowledge of the two sides, we are ironic, organize an informal dinner. Choose an alternative location (not the one of the wedding day) not far from the place of the overnight stay. You can choose a panoramic restaurant, a rustic farmhouse in the countryside, an ancient wine cellar.
But please don’t forget: the dress code does not include long dresses and sparkling outfit.

Let’s leave them for the next day! Do you agree?

For couples who entrust Luccaorganizza for the wedding planning, we offer consultancy and assistance totally, at 360 degrees. Also for the dinner-the-evening-before-the-wedding.
We take care of the menu, the entertainment, we negotiate prices with vendors, we select together the venue and propose funny activities.

We will take care of everything and you will only have fun!

Do you want to know more about our services for your destination wedding in Tuscany?

Write us an email: we can’t wait to know you and start together your wedding planning.

Simona and Benedetta

Wedding Favors in 2018!

Wedding favors 2018 for your destination wedding in Tuscany?
Six months are missing and the wedding season 2018 will start!
Now the questions of our brides are starting to be more precise:
we are in the defining steps, deepening each details and also the choice of the ideal wedding favors.

Wedding favors? It is a major topic of discussion: over the years we have seen several trends.

But what are the 2018 trends?

Today we would like to give you 3 fundamental key words that will help you in the fateful choice of the perfect wedding favor. Keep this list in mind with the must-have of the 2018 wedding favors.


The wedding favor should be simple and practical. Helpful!
Some ideas? They are endless! And the choice depends very much on what you have arranged for your wedding.

  • Example 1: Al-fresco civil ceremony in August at 4.00 pm, ?
    The right choice is a fan, but it must be personalized with the names of the couple, of course.
  • Example 2: Wedding in September in a farmhouse nested in the countryside?
    Warning: risk of rigid temperatures when the sun goes down. The perfect wedding favour is a lovely blanket.
  • Example 3: Party all night long?
    A sweet thought for the feet of your guests: choose ballerina shoes, with a personalized bag.


Wedding Favors 2018 must be 0 km, organic products, artefacts from the place.
Our suggestions? Here are some:

  • Example 1: Bucolic wedding among the vineyards?
    For your guests a mini size of a wine bottle. This is a fantastic welcome!
  • Example 2: Are you immersed in an olive grove?
    Seen and reviewed, but a 100 ml bottle of local oil is always welcome (perfect also to keep on-board with your hand baggage!).
  • Example 3: Are you a extra sweet couple?
    Contact a local producer of delicious honey!


Marriage is yours, and if anyone has any doubts … Write your names everywhere!
Well, it is not a big news! But we are not saying to write the names in the most traditional way, but rather … Here are some inspirations, please remember: only fantastic fonts are accepted!

  • Example 1: Will your open bar be amazing?
    Your cocktail glasses must also be! With your initials on them!
  • Example 2: Do you hate waste?
    Cake Slice Box: no one will give up a piece of wedding cake for breakfast the day after.
  • Example 3: Does your love shine more than the sun?
    Warning: guests will need sunglasses to protect yourself from so much light. Customize them!

As you can see, we are full of ideas and creativity. These are some goodies that we wanted to share with you. We always have a lot of fun choosing the perfect wedding favor with our brides and packaging them ad hoc.

Do you want to know more about our services for your wedding in Tuscany?

Write us an email: we are looking forward to submitting our best proposal

Simona and Benedetta

3 themes for your Winter Wedding in Tuscany

When couples decide to plan their wedding in Tuscany, they are thinking about a lovely outdoor ceremony under the Tuscan sun and a wonderful alfresco dinner with a view. But what about a winter wedding in Tuscany?

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the interiors of our ancient palaces situated in our historical cities as Lucca, Florence and Siena. You and your guests will discover some aspects of Tuscany as you wouldn’t expect it: snow-capped mountains, crisp air, morning hoarfrost thawing in the daylight.

There are a lot of reasons to choose the winter, if you decide to have your wedding in Tuscany.

We, as Luccaorganizza Wedding Planners in Tuscany, would like to suggest choosing one of this wedding theme to add magic at the atmosphere of your big day.

Great Gatsby

Plan a wedding in Tuscany choosing a gorgeous Great Gatsby theme inspired by the roaring 1920s and mix the rustic luxe with the glamorous look of the twenties. We suggest pink, gold, grey and champagne for the colour scheme. Choose peonies and English roses. As décor elements, we suggest feather centrepieces, a mise en place with golden underplates and vintage glasses. Black tablecloth and black & white stripes for the runner.

What about the venue? Choose a Palace with fountains, luxurious interiors with frescoed walls.

Victorian Vintage Wedding

Plan a romantic Victorian event for your wedding in Tuscany, it will be full of class and grace. This theme gives you the possibility to have a truly refined reception with lots of lace. In facts was Queen Victoria who set the trend of white wedding gowns and also white floral arrangements. In this case we would like to propose you the idea to have the wedding in a greenhouse or in a closed winter garden. Or what about a botanical garden? Keep in mind that during this age people loved fountains, statues, opulent interiors. The colour scheme that we propose is pink, green, gold, rich blues, burgundy and copper.

Rustic and Rich

The beauty of this theme is that you are not limited in just 2 colours: you can embrace navy, copper, gold, burgundy, grey, blue, but also teal and peach! Plan a wedding in Tuscany choosing this mood: the style is classy and country, you will need overflowing urns, hedgerow foliage, barry laden sprigs. This the way to create the look for your rustic and rich wedding in Tuscany inspired by the woodland and sumptuous barry tones. We recommend historical estates in the chic countryside of Lucca for this mood, venues that combine the charm of a rich ancient past with the authenticity and beauty of the rural residence.

Are you curious about

what we can offer for your winter wedding in Tuscany?

Plan  your destination wedding in Tuscany with us:

Send us an email with your inquiry and we will be glad to reply with our best proposal!

Looking forward to organizing your big event!

Simona and Benedetta