Patterned tablecloths are the new trend for your tuscan wedding

When we create the layout and style of our destination weddings in Tuscany – we love designing and paying a lot of attention to seated dinner tables.

During the last years many couples have decided to have imperial tables instead of round tables: many couples have decided to have a white tablecloth to oppose to the green of the Tuscan fields. This is really traditional but perfectly fine.

A big part of couples have decided to design naked imperial tables with only runner in ecru color and natural wooden tables.

During the phase of the table design you will have many items to consider, some are:

  • Dishware
  • Cutlery
  • Drinking glasses (we love Vintage Glasses)
  • Napkins

But there is one detail that could make the difference of the entire table scape of your destination wedding in Tuscany.

Your linens!

Yes, they are becoming quite the big deal for a successful wedding design in Tuscany.

In Tuscany we have many professional and excellent vendors and among them there are also elite linen rental company and we love to combine our forces.

Choosing statement linens, you will create a completely new reception table and they will stand out all on their own.

Would you like to know more about our way of working?


Send us an email and tell us more about your destination wedding in Tuscany

Benedetta, Elena and Simona





Having a stress-free destination wedding in Tuscany sounds like an impossible feat.

However, planning your wedding with the full service of an experienced planner will provide you exactly that.

We have been working in the wedding industry all around Tuscany since 1996 and we will able to help you choosing your ideal venue in Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, Siena and more and in coordinating all your wedding weekend.

In the last years we receive lot of inquiries regarding us as wedding coordinator on the day and not a full wedding planning service.

We are not so friendly whit the “Day of Coordination” expression.
Experienced and professional planners will agree that this is something that… doesn’t exist.

We should be calling this service as Wedding Management because we provide no time constraints,
and it is more factual because we will manage all aspects of your wedding.

This is what we use to include, but not offering packages we are flexible, and we could customize our consultancy on your needs.

  • At first, we start whit a brief complimentary consultation to understand how we could collaborate.
  • We will meet after directly in our head office or whit a Call 4 weeks prior to your wedding.
    During our meeting we will deepen timing to make things run as smooth as possible, vendors, set-up, rehearsal and more.
    We will provide also some tips, tricks, and pieces of advice.
  • We will absolutely need a defined vendors list involved and their contacts to manage them.
    We will also absolutely need a ‘On The Day’ schedule of all of them.
  • We include also a site inspection at the venue.
  • On the day we will present at the venue with at least 2 planners.
    We will liaise with vendors, manage the florist, make sure decorations are set up correctly, and take care of other last-minute details whit our problem solver skill. If your decorations are many, we could bring an additional help for an additional fee. Our presence of the day will ensure you a stress-free Wedding Day.


Do you need more info about our service? Send us an email and we will be glad to chat with you.

Benedetta, Simona and Elena.


Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Colle


The big part of the guests of a destination wedding in Tuscany arrive in advance.

Couples love to welcome their friends and family with a more casual dinner, filled with smiles, toasts and many cheers.


If you are wondering when to plan the rehearsal dinner of your destination wedding in Tuscany the answer is… a day or two before the wedding.


If you are wondering who invite to the dinner, this depends on you.
Most of our couples decide to invite all guests to thank them to attend the wedding.
It is up to you and also, keep in consideration your budget.


We suggest to keep the atmosphere really informal: an idea could be organizing the dinner in a lovely restaurant with a courtyard.

If the couple will rent a Villa, an idea could be organizing a BBQ party with a Pizza Truck and enjoy the garden of the Villa, and maybe also the Pool.


If you are hiring a wedding photographer for the big day, ask him how much he charges to shot also during the rehearsal dinner.


We are available to coordinate all moments if your Wedding Weekend, also your rehearsal dinner in Tuscany.

Write us an email to know more about our wedding fee.


Simona, Benedetta and Elena

How to choose the ideal Destination Wedding Photographer in Tuscany ?

Destination wedding in Florence, Lucca, Pisa or Siena?

Are you looking for the ideal destination photographer in Tuscany ?

Before showing you our philosophy, do you know what should be included in a Destination Wedding Photography Package?
Click here to know more.

We believe that weddings are a celebration of a very sacred commitment.

A wedding is a day filled with beauty and magic that flows effortlessly.

The main commitment of our wedding photographers is to capture the magic of your day in the most authentic way.

Over the years we’ve worked with some great photographers and from our long experience we have selected those we love to work with.

They all offer the most recent technologies and techniques in their field, they know the latest wedding trends and bride preferences and have a contemporary approach.

They aim for the perfect combination of timeless elegance in a reportage style.

Our photographers limit the number of staged photographs, highlighting the laughter, tears, and passion that you and your guests will be feeling.  Each couple is unique in both their style and personality and our photographers strive to create images that reflect this individuality.

We have selected strictly our suggested wedding photographers and we will be glad to give you our consultancy to choose the ideal one.

Trust your wedding planner!

Send us an email to know more about our philosophy.

Benedetta e Simona


Photo Courtesy: Luca Vieri 

What Should a Destination Wedding Photography Package Include?

Are you planning a destination wedding in Tuscany?

On Instagram you can find so many accounts of destination photographers in Tuscany, but how to choose the ideal one?

Today we would like to clarify what is (usually) included in the photographer package.

Photographer packages are based on the number of hours the photographer works and the quantity of photographs included.

For shorter packages, the photographer will meet you just before the ceremony, this is useful for intimate weddings or elopement in Tuscany.

If you choose a package with longer hours, he/she may meet you at your hotel or villa to take some ‘getting ready’ shots. We love them!

In this case, your wedding planner will schedule a meeting in her office, prior to your wedding so that you can meet your photographer before the day. It is important built a human relationship with this partner.

Generally, the photographer will shoot during the ceremony and then while your guests move off to the reception, he/she will spend around twenty to thirty minutes alone with you to take special couple shots.

This if you like, can be followed by family and group shots during the reception cocktails.

Once you are seated for dinner, very few pictures will be taken.
The majority are captured before the dinner.

Following your meal, the photographer will shoot those memorable moments such as your first dance and the cutting of the cake.

Next post will be about our philosophy to choose the ideal wedding Photographer.

If you need any clarifications and contact of reliable photographers in Tuscany, send us an email!

Benedetta e Simona



Destination wedding in Tuscany: discover a very popular trend for the brunch the day after, or as a late-night food option: the food truck.

We love Pizza trucks, Ice Cream Carts, Prosecco Bar.
Many couples require them also for the wedding day.

Trucks are usually casual: if you are looking for an elegant wedding, maybe it is better to book them for the welcome dinner.

(See our wedding program to be updated about the ideal timeline of your wedding weekend in Tuscany)

There is something you need to know before booking a food truck for your wedding.

The most demanded food truck

Pizza Truck in Tuscany is the most required: pizza is delicious, and everybody loves it.
People are full and happy.
We have a trusted collaborator that has a wood fired oven and rolls up to events.


The most elegant truck

We love the Prosecco Van. We have more than one option but are all so lovely.
Vintage vans have been restored and they are in a creamy colour that suits perfectly the mood also of elegant wedding in Tuscany.
We have often hired the Prosecco Van also to toast in front of the Tuscan Churches after the religious ceremonies.

The most delicious truck

During the summer season, as after dinner we offer the Ice Cream Truck to refresh during the dancing.
We have a trusted collaborator that has restored an old cart on a vintage bike, it is so lovely.
The truck is full service; it provides cones, spoons and so on.
You can require sorbets, alcohol infused ice cream and no-dairy options are available.

When you are booking the truck please don’t forget to consider the season and the mood of the event.

Would you like more info about our trusted Wedding food trucks in Tuscany?

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Benedetta e Simona




Eloping in Tuscany: best 5 ideas for your romantic getaway

Tuscany is the most demanded region in Italy for destination weddings.
And we are so glad for this!

Why eloping in Tuscany? Our charming region boasts an impressive landscape.

Today we would like to investigate the wide variety of options that are at your disposal for your elopement in Tuscany.

Because Tuscany is not only rolling hills and country chic farmhouses. But salt, sun, relax, luxury, elegance and more.

Bucolic elopement

What’s right for you is a farmhouse on the hills.
We love ceremonies through the olive groves and vineyards.
Try to imagine the magical atmosphere.
We will propose you lovely places for your pleasant stay.

Fairy-tale elopement

The perfect place is a castle immersed in the countryside.
We know many venues with this medieval setting in the Chianti Area and near Montalcino.
This is the ideal beginning for your honeymoon in Tuscany.

Country chic elopement

Choose an iconic boutique hotel and its amazing scenery.
Many of them are totally immersed in the countryside.
If you want relax and an intimate elopement, this is what is ideal for you.

Elegant elopement

Decide to get married in an Italian style Villa.
Lucca Area is full of Renaissance Villas and Historical Estates.
This is our favourite one.

Seaside elopement

What could be more enchanting than a ceremony made of salt and sun?
Choose the luxury and comfort of Versilia Coast:
many stunning spots for your romantic getaway.

We have a long experience in the wedding industry and thanks to it we have chosen our favourite venues and vendors in Tuscany.

Send us an email, we will be glad to send our proposals for your elopement.

Benedetta e Simona

Photo Courtesy: Stefano Santucci 


Wedding Weekend in Tuscanyyes, we can do it!

  • Why plan a wedding weekend?
    To prolong the party and making the fun … endless!

We receive many inquiries about organizing a fun destination wedding weekend in Tuscany because couples love the idea of keep the festivities rolling.

Usually couples are looking for a venue that could accommodate the most part of the guests and organize on site more than one event.

We love the program of the wedding weekend!



Are your guests travelling from abroad?
Organize a welcome party and greet everyone in a relaxed atmosphere.
Plan this event 2 days before the wedding day.


We are referring to a casual dinner the night before the big day.
It is a great occasion to thanks everybody for their time, maybe giving to all a gift.
Fill the night with toasts. Book a live band. Introduce your friends to your parents if they have never meet before.


The brunch the day after is the best way to say goodbye to everybody before leaving on your honeymoon.

We are full of ideas to enrich your wedding weekend in Tuscany with special activities:
Biking, Vespa tours, fishing trips, wine tastings and cooking classes.

Your wedding in Tuscany will became a real mini vacation!

In the next months we will post on our blog more about how to plan a delicious welcome dinner, a lovely rehearsal dinner and a funny good-bye brunch!

Send us an email and let’s start plan your wedding weekend in Tuscany!

Benedetta and Simona

ELOPING IN TUSCANY: 3 steps to organize your elopement

Eloping in Tuscany is a wonderful idea.
Why? Tuscany is renowned all around the world for the beautiful landscape, the rolling hills and the art cities.

For this reason, Tuscany is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway.


We are expert in managing paperwork for our couples that would like to get a civil wedding in our region.
We have organized civil ceremonies in Tuscany for couples from abroad since 1996.
Thanks to our long experience we perfectly know procedure and documents required to get civilly married in Tuscany.

You will need to prepare certificates and declarations in advance and some appointments at the Town Hall.
Bureaucracy In Italy is not fast.

Have you decided last minute to organize an elopement in Tuscany?
The symbolic ceremony is the easiest way, and we collaborate with trusted celebrant.


Unconventional eloping in Tuscany?
If you are dreaming something out of the ordinary, we suggest you think about the destination of your romantic getaway.
Florence is so famous and suggestive, but it is always full of tourists.

Our suggestion for your elopment in Tuscany is to choose among the little-know cities of Tuscany that are not prey of mass tourism for a more authentic experience.

One idea could be our pretty town Lucca, that is ideal for a medieval setting ceremony.

More about why choose Lucca as your destination here.


Lucca boasts an elegant Town Hall, really impressive and exceptional.

If you are dreaming a civil ceremony, Palazzo Orsetti will be the setting of your rite.

If you prefer a symbolic ceremony, you have a wide variety of venues at your disposal.

Castles, elegant villas, farmhouses and boutique hotels.

We have a long experience in the wedding industry and thanks to it we have chosen our favorite venues and vendors in Tuscany.

Send us an email, we will be glad to send our proposals for your elopement.

Benedetta e Simona


Photo Courtesy: Luca Vieri 

Lucca, your ideal wedding destination in Tuscany

Lucca is a beautiful, medieval city rich with history, in the Northern part of the Tuscan region, not far from the Versilia Coast.
This lovely small town has a strategic position: close to Pisa Airport (25 min by car) but also to Florence Airport (1 hour).

Few people know this Tuscan spot and its untouched charm: Lucca is a classy town, never too busy, never too crowded.
What about the view? Lucca boasts a chic countryside with several country roads and wild vegetation:
nothing to envy to the most famous areas of the Chianti.

Lucca essential features

  • walled city
  • 99 churches all in one town
  • strategic position
  • amazing architecture
  • natural beauty

 Lucca is an ideal wedding destination

After the first visit in Lucca, many couples choose Lucca as their wedding destination not only for the beauty of the territory but also for the big variety of venues available for their big day. Many also with lovely accommodation solutions.
The best time for a wedding in Lucca is from April through October.

Civil Ceremony at the Local Town Hall in Lucca

The civil wedding can take place in the pretty centre within the prestigious local town hall that is Palazzo Orsetti, one of the well-loved palace of the city. It boasts an elegant staircase that is ideal for the bride entrance.
Sumptuous interiors, magnificent mirrors.
After the ceremony we suggest to have stroll in the centre and organize a lovely Italian aperitivo in one of the picturesque bars of  Lucca.

Are you wishing to get married in Lucca?

Send us an email, we will be glad to help you in your planning.

Simona e Benedetta

Annabel and David Wedding, Photo Courtesy: Alessandro Colle