Here's some memories of the magical occasions we have planned for our couples from all over the world who have trusted us to give shape to their dreams.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of La Dolce Vita - Patricia & Anthony

Embark on a visual journey through the breathtaking wedding of Patricia and Anthony, a couple who crossed the ocean from the United States to the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany. The ceremony unfolded in the timeless ambiance of the Abbey of San Galgano, while the reception took place in the picturesque Borgo Santo Pietro. Each photograph tells a tale of love, elegance, and beauty in a unique setting.

Ph. Gianluca Adovasio

Villa Grabau: An Idyllic Wedding of Elegance and Nature for Madiha & Jonathan

Nestled in the enchanting hills of Lucca, Maddy and Jonathan chose Villa Grabau as the backdrop for their unforgettable wedding. This historic residence, surrounded by a centuries-old botanical park, provided a captivating stage for a celebration that seamlessly blended elegance, style, and the authentic beauty of Tuscany.

Ph. Luca Vieri

Enchanting Tuscany: An Unforgettable Wedding at Palazzo dei Priori and Borgo Pignano - Elizabeth & Stefano

For Elisabeth and Stefano, we organized a wedding with a civil ceremony at the magnificent Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra, while for the reception, we chose the exclusive Borgo Pignano. The couple, hailing from the United States, thus had the opportunity to experience a dream with authentic flavors and refined tastes alongside their loved ones.

Ph. Stefano Casati

A wedding among the rolling hills of Chianti Classico - Whitney & Nikhil

In the heart of Chianti, Whitney and Nikhil penned an unforgettable chapter of their story. This wedding was much more than a mere event; it was an experience, a journey through the postcard-perfect landscapes of classic Tuscany, where the beauty of nature intertwined with timeless elegance. An exquisite affair nestled in one of Italy's most iconic regions, capturing the enchanting allure of this place. Join us on this voyage through their special day.

Ph. Funkybird Photography

Forte dei Marmi Wedding: Where Elegance Meets the Italian Coast - Giulia & Giacomo

This unforgettable Forte dei Marmi wedding was a celebration of elegance and the beauty of the Italian coast. We meticulously curated every detail for Giulia and Giacomo, creating a special day that captured their love. The location, surrounded by the sophistication of Forte dei Marmi, provided the perfect backdrop for an emotional ceremony and an unforgettable reception. Personalized stationery, place cards, and guest gifts added a personal touch that made this day truly unique. 

Ph. Luca Vieri


More than a Wedding, a Genuine Tuscan Experience for Yesim & Todd

Yesim and Todd, a couple from Atlanta, United States, chose Tuscany as the backdrop for their unforgettable wedding, meticulously organized by Wedding Planners in Tuscany. This Tuscan experience was enriched with events and activities that allowed the couple and their guests to immerse themselves in the local culture. From a welcome dinner in a historic villa near Lucca to a pizza evening prepared by a skilled pizzaiolo, the shared moments were a blend of joy and authenticity. An Italian barbecue farewell, set among vineyards with breathtaking views, marked the conclusion of this extraordinary journey.

Ph. Studio Bonon

Wedding weekend between Villa Grabau and L'Arancera of Villa Grabau to celebrate the wedding of Chenyi & Gou

It was the historic Villa Grabau the setting for the wedding of Chenyi and Gou, a young and vibrant couple who live between Shanghai and Zurich. The guests, coming from different countries, stayed together with the couple at the Arancera, a magnificent structure recently renovated and immersed in a garden of olive trees, lemons, oranges, lavender, roses, oleanders and boxwoods: the perfect location for a weekend wedding with a very strong Tuscan flavor.

Ph. Giuseppe Giovannelli


Elegance among the wonders of the Tuscan countryside - Angelica & Tim

Here is the elegant wedding we had the pleasure of planning for Angelica and Tim in a beautiful historic villa in the Tuscan countryside.

We chose a natural and soft color palette with a few touches of red, perfect for enhancing the beauty of the location.

Ph. Collephotography

Travels around the world, vintage touches and pastel colors for Ilenia & Luca's wedding

It was a beautiful Villa in Lucca, Tuscany to frame the wedding of Ilenia and Luca. The common thread was the trip around the world declined in all aspects of their big day, from the lovely decoration and setups to the beautiful stationery with vintage touches. Light blue predominated in the palette, then combined with other delicate and romantic pastel shades.

Ph. Gaia Borzicchi

Classic wedding in the heart of Lucca - Catherine & Gisberto

Catherine and Gisberto have decided to get married in Lucca, the birthplace of the groom. The bride is Spanish and the couple had guests from all over the world, so we organized an event for them right in the heart of the city: both the church and the splendid venue for the wedding reception were in the historic centre, all within easy walking distance.

A classic an romantic wedding with a palette of delicate pastel colors mixed with gold elements.

Ph. Collephotography

Queer Destination Wedding in Tuscany - Kim & Lianna

Kim, Lianna and their beautiful children Dylan and Jordan came from California to get married in Italy and are one of the most beautiful families we have ever had the pleasure to meet. The couple loves Italy and wanted a Destination Wedding with a Tuscan and refined flavor.

They contacted us almost two years before their wedding, then there was Covid and they had to postpone their dream. When they were finally able to seal their love, they did it in an authentic and intense way, a real "Tuscan experience" lived together with the people closest to them.

Read the full story of this wonderful wedding on Dancing With Her.

Ph. Collephotography
get married in Tuscany Italy

Timeless class: wedding in a splendid Renaissance villa for Francesca & Stefano

After having had to postpone their dream for more than once due to the covid-19 pandemic, Francesca and Stefano was finally able to get married in a splendid Renaissance villa in Lucca among fountains and centuries-old plants. We took care of every detail so that they had a special and unforgettable evening: from the imperial tables set up under a myriad of lights, to the fairy-tale flowered swing for the portraits of the bride, nothing was left to chance.

Ph. Collephotography
romantic wedding villa bruguier lucca

Romantic wedding in the garden - Elena & Andrea

When rustic meets elegance and maybe even a touch of glam, it is instantly magic! Elena and Andrea have decided to get married in the bucolic gardens of a Villa in Lucca. For the settings we have chosen natural materials and delicate shades which combined with the twinkle lights have created an enchanted atmosphere.

Ph. Collephotography
Indian wedding in Tuscany

Two beautiful traditions and two days of celebration - Michaela & Raja

Michaela is half-Italian half-English, while Raja is Indian, so on the first day they honored the beautiful traditions of the groom's country, while then on the second day they got married in church and later celebrated in the lovely family villa of the bride, with refined settings wich had a strong tuscan flavour. 

Ph. Collephotography

Gorgeous Jewish wedding in a historic villa near Lucca - Helen & Jared

For this splendid Californian couple we have organized a wedding with a Jewish rite celebrated directly in the location, the beautiful Villa Grabau.

Ph. Collephotography

Country chic wedding in a Tuscan Winery - Clizia & Lukas

The spectacular and wild Maremma was the setting for the wedding of Clizia and Lukas. The religious ceremony was celebrated in the picturesque Massa Marittima, while for the event, we chose a beautiful winery in the Tuscan countryside.

Ph. Stefano Santucci

Bucolic wedding in a Tuscan Villa - Michelle & Tim

Michelle and Tim have chosen to get married in the beautiful Villa Grabau, one of the most beautiful historic villas in Lucca, a few kilometers from the historic center, where the couple has in fact prepared themselves.

Ph. Gaia Borzicchi
Wedding Palazzo Pfanner Lucca

Wedding with a strong Tuscan flavor in the heart of Lucca - Kara & Alex

For their wedding, Kara and Alex have chosen one of the most beautiful venues in the historic center of Lucca: the spectacular Palazzo Pfanner.

Ph. Collephotography

Wedding in the heart of Chiantishire - Scott & Darren

Chianti, known throughout the world as one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, was the setting for the refined wedding of Scott and Darren.

Ph. La Catedral

La Dolce Vita: Fellini and the Sixties to celebrate a wedding anniversary

The refined freshness typical of the period of the Italian economic boom has been declined in every single detail of this magnificent party. Fragments of Fellini's masterpiece were projected onto the walls, creating a very suggestive atmosphere, which was also reinforced by the soundtrack completely inspired by the 1960s. The FIAT 500 could not be missing for sure, and it was transformed into a DJ booth.

​​​​​​​Ph. Gaia Borzicchi

Enchanting farmhouse wedding in Tuscany - Gianna & Jacob

We organized the romantic wedding of Gianna and Jacob in a splendid farmhouse immersed in the Tuscan countryside. The beauties of our land have been declined in every detail.

Ph. Collephotography

Lucca is an exceptional setting for this wonderful wedding - Annabel & David

One of the advantages of getting married in Lucca is the possibility of moving from the historic center to the countryside in a few minutes. That's right, in fact, did Annabel and David who decided to celebrate their wedding in the Municipality and then organize the event in one of the nearby villas.

Ph. Collephotography

Colorful and sophisticated wedding in Chianti - Lauren & Craig

For Lauren and Craig we organized a beautiful wedding with a strong Tuscan flavor in the ancient village of Salvadonica, in Chianti.

Ph. FunkyBird Photography

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