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Posted by Luccaorganizza on 15/01/2021
How to plan your wedding in beautiful Tuscany?
Tuscany is a dream land: breathtaking scenery in which to enjoy one of the world's most popular cuisines. If you are thinking of making your wedding unforgettable, you couldn't have chosen a better destination.

What kind of ceremony would you like to have? 

Civil, Religious, or simply symbolic.
This is a crucial point in planning your destination wedding and we can help and guide you through all the necessary procedures. Every country has different rules and timing, so it is absolutely necessary to be properly informed by a professional wedding planner!
The wedding planner in these cases is a true liaison, able to give the best advice on all the technical, legal and creative aspects of your big day. They will be your ears, eyes and voice, ensuring that everything is planned and ready when you arrive. And don't forget their ability to help you save time, costs and overcome the language barrier.

What kind of wedding would you like? 

Now let's define together the style of your special day, knowing that there are no limits to what is possible. Tuscany, in fact, allows you to recreate ceremonies of all kinds.
Medieval castles, beaches at sunset, luxurious villas or rustic farmhouses in the hills. 
Think about what suits you best and let's start thinking about the perfect location together.

Where to stay during your stay in Tuscany?

Choosing Luccaorganizza means deciding to entrust you to an experienced partner able to ensure you and all your guests everything they need to spend the wait for the fateful day. 
A careful planning in respect of your budget will allow you to spend a pleasant period of relaxation with your loved ones and to make the event even more wonderful.

Details and entertainment

Finally, the details are what will give your special day its shape and identity. The flowers, the arrangements, the mise en place and the lighting all need to come together to make everything perfect. 
But don't worry about that, we take care of everything! 

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