5 reasons to get married in Versilia, Tuscany

Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 03/06/2021
5 reasons to get married in Versilia, Tuscany
If you have always dreamed of a wedding by the sea, you must absolutely consider Versilia as a location: a beautiful stretch of the northwestern coast of Tuscany in the province of Lucca, framed by the Apuan Alps.
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine: the warm sand under your feet, the salt-scented breeze, the gentle sound of the waves, a splendid sunset that paints the horizon with pink and orange and gives an almost magical golden glow to everything. Versilia offers all this but also much more:

1 - Long golden beaches, splendid towns such as Forte dei Marmi, symbol of refined social life, Pietrasanta, known as “Little Athens” thanks to its strong artistic vocation, much loved by Fernando Botero and Viareggio with its Liberty charm. You can also organize a small vacation for you and your loved ones and spend many precious moments together. Versilia could become the ideal starting point for your honeymoon!
2 - Versilia offers exclusive beach clubs and villas of indisputable charm where you can organize your wedding with an authentic and relaxed flavor, but still very elegant. These places testify an important piece of Italian history of the 60s, the essence of the “dolce vita”, of slow holidays, of guests pampered in luxury structures, of colored wooden cabins. Many of these iconic beach clubs still exist and keep up with the times by offering all modern comforts, while still retaining a magical and authentic atmosphere. It is precisely this 100% Italian style charm, together with the refined restaurants hosting renowned chefs that make these places perfect for a high-class event.
3 - If you don't want to give up comfort even by the sea, there is no better place than Versilia to get married. From Viareggio to Forte dei Marmi there are many amazing hotels where you can stay and enjoy an unforgettable experience made up by top-level services, dinners prepared by starred chefs and the best of the unmistakable "Italian style".
4- Getting married outdoors is one of the main trends for 2021/2022, but as beautiful as "open air" weddings are, we must always have a "plan B" in case of rain. The advantage is that most of the locations in Versilia are very versatile and equipped with all the comforts in case of adverse events such as gazebos, windows and other solutions to cope with bad weather.
5- If you prefer a completely unconventional wedding, Versilia is your ideal destination. Despite the wonderful beaches and luxurious beach clubs, this part of Tuscany has another peculiarity and offers a peculiar and unique setting for your special event: the marble quarries. Imagine getting married literally in white, surrounded by the shining and precious white marble of the Apuan Alps, the soul of some of Michelangelo's most spectacular masterpieces. A scenario of great power, almost surreal, mystical, an experience that will remain forever in the memories of your loved ones.
It is true that saying the fateful "yes" in front of the sea is a very romantic choice, it is also true that getting married on the beach needs many tricks to make your guests feel at ease. For this you can count on our experience to make your beach wedding truly unique and perfect!


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