Outdoor Wedding in Tuscany: Gardens & Starlit Dinners

Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 01/07/2023
Outdoor Wedding in Tuscany: Gardens & Starlit Dinners
Outdoor weddings in Tuscany offer an irresistible combination of natural beauty and timeless romance. In this article, we'll explore creative ideas for outdoor weddings in Tuscany, including enchanting ceremonies in vineyards, receptions in historic gardens, and parties under the stars, to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
Ideas for an outdoor wedding in Tuscany:


Ideas for an outdoor wedding in Tuscany

1. Romantic ceremony in a vineyard: Choose a picturesque vineyard as the location for the ceremony. Focus on a spectacular arch of flowers and let the lush green of the vines blend with the magical atmosphere of the day.
2. Reception in a historic garden: Book a historic garden for the reception. With elegant fountains, classical marble statues and beautiful flower beds, the garden will transform your wedding into a fairytale experience.
3. Dinner under the stars: Create a magical atmosphere with a dinner under the stars. Use soft lighting, candles and lanterns to create romantic lighting.
4. Garden Party: Throw an outdoor dance party to keep partying under a starry sky. An illuminated dance floor, an engaging music selection and the energy of your guests will make the evening unforgettable.
5. Beach Ceremony: If you want an outdoor wedding with a breathtaking view, choose one of Tuscany's stunning beaches as the backdrop for your ceremony. The boundless horizon and the sound of the waves will create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.
6. Lounge areas for relaxation: Create spaces dedicated to relaxation where guests can take a break and enjoy the atmosphere. Furnish an area with comfortable seats, cushions and soft lighting to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
7. Personalized wedding favors: For an extra special touch, give your guests typical products specially customized for the occasion such as bottles of Tuscan olive oil.

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