Wedding on the Beach in Tuscany

Posted by AMMINISTRATORE on 23/09/2020
Wedding on the Beach in Tuscany

Sea, Sand and Wedding: getting married on the beach.

Tuscany has so much to offer and its landscape never ceases to amaze with its wonderful cities of art and colourful countryside. But Tuscany is not only that. The Tuscan coast offers breathtaking locations overlooking the sea, a fantastic mix of sea, wonderful beaches and hills such as the Versilia coast, Etruscan coast and Maremma.

If you love the sea, why not plan your wedding on the sand and celebrate it with your feet immersed in it?

Forte dei Marmi for example, with the blue sea and the rock of the mountains behind it, could be one of the most exclusive seaside wedding destinations in the world with elegant bathing establishments that could turn into the ideal location for your wedding and live unforgettable moments. Try to imagine a pleasant summer evening in a magical mix of a sunset, the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea and wonderful themed decorations.

In order to be able to organise a wedding on the sea, however, some details have to be taken into account. In Italy it is not possible to perform a religious rite outside of churches or other used environments. In fact, most of the barefoot ceremonies that take place right on the beach are civil or symbolic. For the religious one you will have to choose a church and then move to the location where the reception will take place. But don't worry! The wedding planners are here for you and we will be happy to help you make this experience the most exciting one.

When it comes to the time of the year when you plan your wedding on the beach, the best seasons are spring and summer and early morning or sunset ceremonies are best, because of the light and the temperature. So you could experience an unforgettable day, maybe late in the evening with a breathtaking sunset that makes everything even more exciting and romantic for both the couple and their guests.

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