Wedding trends 2022 according to Benedetta and Simona

Posted by Benedetta - on 07/02/2022
 Wedding trends 2022 according to Benedetta and Simona
2022 has just begun, the year of the "wedding boom", the one in which - as we all hope - we could finally leave the pandemic behind our back. 2022 will be full of desire for joy, travels, beauty, company of the people dearest to us, elegance and even a pinch of extravagance.
In this interview we tell you what we think are the main trends for weddings in 2022, what goes away and what instead remains from previous years. Elopement and Microwedding will remain, especially in luxury version (see also: Microwedding in Tuscany, 5 things to invest in to make it unforgettable) but also big weddings will arrive, not only for what concern the number of the guests, but also more days of celebrations and events before and after the wedding.
Let’s hear from Simona Davini and Benedetta Bianchini, from Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza.
In your opinion, what are the main trends for weddings in 2022/2023?

Elegance will be the trend above all, even sumptuousity, so no more boho chic. The rich tables, the gold-colored décor, precious and bright chandeliers on the long tables of guests are back.

Flowers with strong tones that stand out, weddings in technicolor! A mention for the Pantone of the season, the Very Peri.
What will remain from last year and what are the novelties planned for 2022?

Outdoors weddings will remain as a trend for 2022, conceived in flat spaces where the novelty will be the greenhouses.

Iron marquees with very large windows decorated with chandeliers and curtains, able to host the event in case of rain but also to offer an elegant and refined atmosphere in the open countryside or next to historic buildings.

Another novelty that was already present in 2021 but has now been consolidated is the design of a "Lounge Corner" for the aperitif: "The Velvets", as we call them. Low couches, pink or mustard tones velvet armchairs, often made as matelassé to welcome guests in their moments of relax during the aperitif or after dinner.
What do you think is the aspect to focus more on in your marriage? Yours, let's say, "favorite part".

Benedetta: In my opinion, in addition to the venue that must represent the ideal place for the couple, the floral arrangement is the element that best customize the event, to make it UNIQUE and unrepeatable. There are many ideas that can be found on the various social channels, but a creative and avant-garde floral designer can really make a difference.The new trends in terms of flower design are hanging flowers, flower cascades and suspended compositions. The arches of the ceremony will be rich, full of flowers and with rounded or geometric shapes.  

Simona: After two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, I focus a lot on entertainment that is no longer limited to after dinner, but that starts already from the aperitif. Apart from the solemn moment of the ceremony, the whole day must be fun and carefree.
I'm not just referring to the classic band, which in any case always remains a trump card, but maybe we can add an electronic saxophonist who walks among the guests at the aperitif, or the soprano singing a Puccini “aria” among the tables during dinner for an elegant surprise effect with a very Tuscan flavor. Then there are also the "live painters", real artists who portrays moments of the wedding and then reproduce the work in small postcards to be given to guests. The keywords are "involvement" and "lightness", of course without ever forgetting what marriage means.
What are the first things to define when you start organizing a wedding?

First, it is important to define the period in which the couple wants to get married. It is not necessary to know the final date immediately, but at least the preferred month and to know if they want to get married on a weekend, or if they are also open to midweek days, a real trend in this period of "wedding boom". In 2022 there will be an high number of weddings; in the USA there are an estimated 2 and a half million couples who will get married and even in Italy the numbers are as high as in the early 2000s.
The next step is to draw up a first list of guests to have a raw estimation of the number, a fundamental step to face the third step, that is, to set the budget. We know that this is not an easy topic, but defining exactly how much you want to spend is essential to calibrate all the other aspects such as location, flower and light design, catering and so on.

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