3 questions from two photographers and 4+1 useful tips for your wedding

Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 08/11/2021
3 questions from two photographers and 4+1 useful tips for your wedding
Colle Photography is among the best Italian studios specialized in wedding photography. We had a chat with the owners, Alessandro Colle, who has just written the book "Wedding Photography" (publishing house: Apogeo) and Serena Rossi Colle to get  some useful tips for your wedding day.
1. Why is, in your experience, useful to rely on a wedding planner?
Serena: I noticed that when the wedding planner is missing, the couple do not know exactly how to behave, how to coordinate the whole wedding day, how to organize the entrances to the church, how to follow the main "protocols" and traditions. The wedding planner gives a sense of reliability to the bride and groom. We are now in 2022, people are working, they have never married before, they do not know all the traditions and they do not even have time to keep up with everything.
Alessandro: In my opinion the difference between having or not a wedding planner is  that a true wedding planner is able to create a common thread that links all the moments and makes the couple and the guests live a real "experience". The expert wedding planner knows exactly the timing of a wedding, so she knows how to tie all the steps so that everything runs smoothly; this is a very important aspect. Furthermore, a wedding planner knows how to create the settings with taste, with style; it’s a person who knows how to advise the couple to create those scenographic situations that really give a special touch to the wedding. This will never happen when the different suppliers move and act independently without coordination.
2. What do you like the most about how Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza works?
Alessandro: For sure the passion that Benedetta and Simona put into their job because when they relate to a wedding they do it with uncommon love, commitment and professionalism. They work as if the wedding they are managing is the wedding of someone from their family, there is a lot of attention to each detail and they take care of the bride and groom.
Serena:  Compared to other wedding planners, they convey confidence, experience and awareness of what they have to do.
3. What are the main photographic trends for 2022?
Alessandro: In my opinion 2022 will see the return of a darker image. We are moving from a super clear style , super white photography, the famous “pure white” style, to a little darker style . Before, almost HDR (high dynamic range) photos were in fashion, with the whole chromatic range, then we moved on to the Fuji 400H phases, with very airy images that are almost unreal because it is impossible to maintain the same style for the whole day with different lighting conditions. In fact, on Instagram, you can see many beautiful wedding photos, but always taken in the same lighting conditions, that is, during the sunset. Mysteriously, these photographers then do not show what happens in the evening and during the party.
Serena: I believe that by 2022, photography is moving towards a more natural, more emotional style. A reportage, but sophisticated and authorial, which enhances and narrates the couple anyway.
1. Serena: Have a wedding planner following you.
A good professional will allow you to fully enjoy your day while also your guests will have a much more enjoyable experience. The wedding planner, in fact, will not only guide the couple, but also all the guests through the special moments of the day.
Alessandro: You absolutely must enjoy your wedding day because it passes too quickly and it is a unique occasion. So whatever you can delegate to other people, do it. You need someone who can take care of all practical matters and resolve any troubles and contingencies in a timely manner while you focus on your emotions.
2. Serena: How to discover "fake" wedding planners
What does planner mean? Many people currently "pretend" to be planners, but in reality they don't know how to do this job and this is the cause of many problems during the wedding: it creates confusion among suppliers. Many people are not specialized planners but have other jobs:  for example, the florist might improvise herself as a wedding planner, or the owner of the catering, but it is impossible to do two jobs perfectly at the same time during a wedding day.
Alessandro: In my opinion, the couples should rely on wedding planners who have a history and experience. You absolutely have to be careful of those who also do other jobs.
3. Alessando: Don't skimp on the choice of photographer.
Remember that the photos and videos are all that will remain tangible of the magnificent work of the wedding planners you have hired, of the wonderful location you have chosen, of the flowers you have bought. Sometimes couples likes a photographer, but then they discover another one that costs 300 euros less and decide to save money.
Think for example about your wedding dress, you probably would not think about saving money on a dress that fits perfectly to buy a cheaper one that does not fits you. That dress will end up inside the wardrobe, while you will enjoy the photos for a lifetime.
4. Alessandro: Beware of quotes provided by photographers.
Unfortunately, many colleagues give a price that does not include all the services that will then be added as extra costs, such as post production, delivery of high resolution files, etc. Pay attention to what you see on Instagram and on the website of wedding photographers, because many times what you see was created on purpose, they may be shootings made with models, or photos taken only in the most beautiful hours of the day. As we mentioned before, this is not feasible for the entire duration of the wedding. Always try to see a real and complete wedding, that is, from the preparation of the bride and groom to the dances.
Finally for the latest advice from Serena and Alessandro: check out the video on our Instagram Stories!

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