A week before the wedding checklist: the differences with or without a wedding planner

Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 05/09/2022
A week before the wedding checklist: the differences with or without a wedding planner
A week before the wedding you will surely be overwhelmed by emotions and with some errands still to be done. It is precisely when you will feel happy to have entrusted yourself to a wedding planner who will relieve you of many logistical issues and allow you to enjoy your moment in relaxation and sheltered from most of the unforeseen events.
Here are 2 checklists: the first in case you hired a professional planner, the second if you did not. In both cases we leave you a piece of advice: if possible, take a free week from work.
Wedding week checklist WITH a wedding planner:
- Take care of yourself with the help of your trusted beauticians; it's time for the last appointments with your hairdresser, manicure and, if possible, even a nice massage;

- Make sure your outfits are complete: dresses, lingerie, jewelry/watch/cufflinks, perfumes, shoes, stockings, etc.;

- Prepare your "emergency kit" with everything you might need on your wedding day. Recap:
spare comfortable shoes, hairpins, lacquer, patches (even those specific for blisters), deodorant, handkerchiefs, a needle, thread and safety pins, chewing gum or mints, dental floss, a small kit to refresh make-up, "blotting paper", painkillers for headaches, if you wear stockings, also bring a spare pair;

- If you plan to spend the wedding night away from home, pack your suitcase and confirm your hotel reservation;

- If you have decided to leave for your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony, prepare your suitcase, confirm your reservations and set aside all the necessary documents such as passports, tickets and insurance;

- Communicate the final number of guests to your wedding planner and set the tables, seats and timeline of the wedding day (such as preparation of the bride and groom, time of leave home for the ceremony, etc.);

- Give your DJ/band the playlist.
Wedding week checklist WITHOUT a wedding planner (in addition to everything already on the first checklist!)
- Make sure that each supplier involved in the ceremony is aligned on the timeline and has all the necessary information and their respective contact numbers (catering, pastry chef, photographer, videomaker, flower designer, location responsible, make-up artist, musicians, DJs, etc.);

- Schedule the delivery of the bouquet for the bride and the “boutonnieres” for the groom, parents and men/maids of honour;

- Pay all the suppliers or split the money of what you have to pay on the wedding day and entrust the envelopes to a friend or member of the family;

- Designate a friend or relative who can take care of and solve any unforeseen events, from the delay in the wedding cake delivery to the failure of the electrical system of the location;

- Make sure that the car that will pick you up for the ceremony and / or reception, has the right addresses and the necessary permits; remember that many Italian cities of art have the zones where cars cannot enter (ZTL);

- Check the weather forecast and make your "Plan B" in case of rain.

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