Are you looking for the perfect wedding planner in Lucca?

Posted by AMMINISTRATORE on 23/10/2020
Are you looking for the perfect wedding planner in Lucca?
Dedicated to all brides looking for the perfect wedding planner in Lucca

In this article I want to tell you the secrets to find the perfect wedding planner what you will learn from reading this article will allow you to clarify your real needs and the selection criteria of the wedding professionals market.
Through a few simple tricks you will be able to find the most suitable person to plan your wedding in Lucca.

Lucca is a very beautiful and very interesting city defined as the second ideal city in the world for the quality of life by the magazine  Forbes (
But Lucca is still little known as a destination wedding for foreigners.

After reading this blog you will understand how to choose the right professional to organize your wedding in Lucca.

Getting married in Lucca, choosing Lucca as your wedding destination is the winning choice for an event with a Tuscan flavour but at the same time refined and doing it relying on a wedding planner in Lucca is the best choice.

When I started my business I always wondered at the end what were the added values of my profession, besides the most obvious ones such as saving time and often money for  couples.  And I must say that these values have also changed over time. Yes, in the course of these 25 years that accompany my profession as a wedding planner in Lucca, Tuscany, I have seen a change in the motivations that led my clients to look for a professional who could help them organise their wedding.

A good wedding planner in Lucca has known the area for years, has known possible collaborations for a long time and can offer those who choose Lucca as their wedding destination, a proven team of serious and experienced Tuscan suppliers, able to transform a wedding reception into a successful wedding event.

The choice of a wedding planner in Lucca must be made by looking for experience in this professional figure first of all.

Lucca is a small town but boasts many wedding planners. A good wedding planner in Lucca must be an excellent connoisseur of the locations and suppliers as well as the possible activities to be carried out in the city of Lucca.
A good wedding planner in Lucca must be able to organize a successful event but also to deal with any problems that the organization itself may raise, so the experience of the wedding planner is fundamental.

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Lucca is a city of art, elegance and fashion, with many nice restaurants and an interesting food and wine tradition. A good wedding planner in Lucca must be able to offer the bride and groom not only the wedding event but also interesting activities to do with their guests during their stay, so it is essential to rely on a planner who can transform the wedding event into a unique and unforgettable Tuscan experience.

At the moment there are a lot of portals that invite the bride and groom to do almost a do-it-yourself organization but relying on a professional wedding planner in Lucca is the right choice.
This choice will guarantee the success of a perfect event, to relax in all phases of the organization, to enjoy all the moments and the stage of preparations as well as saving a lot of time and money.

An excellent wedding planner is the person who welcomes your requests, prepares a personalized proposal and follows you step by step in the organization. A wedding planner in Lucca will lead you by the hand in the choice of all the services that are involved in the organisation of the wedding: from the choice of the participations, to the choice of the wedding cake with tasting, advice and negotiations for quotations and offers.

The recipe for the perfect wedding: enjoy the preparations with the security of feeling in good hands.

Are you sure you are capable of evaluating the various professionals in the wedding industry?

Beautiful sites, inviting photos, each of them always be able to make your dream come true.

Most common mistakes:

-I choose the perfect wedding planner for me because she has an "attractive" site
-I choose the perfect wedding planner for me because she proposed the villa I like

While the first error is the one most easily discreditable, the second, which is more common, is difficult to explain. Essentially those who rely on this misinterpret the professional figure of the wedding planner who is not a real estate agent.

The wedding planner is not a real estate agent.

The planner must be an expert and specialized essentially in the organization, in the knowledge of the territory, which will always be able to potentially find the perfect location for your event. The search can be carried out calmly after an initial cognitive report following your aesthetic and budget needs and this type of work is part of her consultancy.

But the main feature of your ideal planner should be the ability to plan, respect and use the budget. Your experience in allocating the budget itself as well as your ability to have formed a valid network of prepared suppliers.  His attitude to problem solving and why not his not too intrusive approach to your choices...

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