Catering service in a prestigious villa in the Tuscan countryside

Posted by AMMINISTRATORE on 01/10/2020
Catering service in a prestigious villa in the Tuscan countryside

During September a prestigious villa in the Tuscan countryside commissioned us the catering service for an exclusive event.

The villa called Villa Reale is located in Lucca and hosted during that week the historical re-enactment event of "Le vie del tempo".
On this occasion the villa in Lucca was set up with 19 th c.. furniture and a cast of actors was engaged to entertain guests wearing beautiful velvet costumes, wigs and vintage stockings.

The actors explained to the visitors of Villa Reale a luxury venue in Tuscany, the habits and lifestyle of the gentlemen durng the past in the Tuscan country villas, paying particular attention to convivial habits, dinners and gala dinners. During the afternoon the habit of tea for example, which we recreated under a splendid coloured marquee set up with a beverage buffet of fruit juices, flavoured waters, candied fruit and butter tartlets.

The area of the famous Villa dell'Orologio, also located inside the Estate of the Villa Reale of Lucca, has been set up with beautiful vintage food trucks just to try to keep the taste for historical things. Luccaorganizza managed the food truck service serving ice cream as well as the vintage Prosecco cart that served prosecco and iced beer.
There was no lack of coffee, cappuccino and the retro-tasting counter, while in our showcases a variety of pastry delicacies cheered the guests.

Shortbread biscuits, small almond cakes, Sacher Torte famous dessert, dark chocolate and flakes.The organizer of a gala lunch or a wedding dinner also in the 19 th c. played a very important role, the gardens were furnished with the furniture of the inside of the villa and some umbrellas were left at the disposal of the ladies to protect them from the sun.

The organization of the catering service for Villa Reale in Lucca on the occasion of their historical events will be repeated on the next occasion. Stay tuned!

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