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Benedetta Bianchini Wedding Planners in Tuscany

Benedetta Bianchini - Owner & Professional Project Manager

I got a degree in History of Architecture at the University of Florence; I am in love with art in all its aspects and I am always ready to leave for a new destination in search for new stimulating ideas.
Books are my shelter, movies my refuge. I like to immerse myself completely in what I am reading, confusing reality with narration, to the point of experiencing the novel as a sort of dream and come back to reality only after the last line ... I am an absolute romantic person.
I love psychology books: I am curious about the origin of our emotions, how they develop and how they culminate. That’s why I think every event as an unrepeatable experience, something that, even if happening in a single day, remains with us forever; I believe that nothing is more satisfying than a good memory.
As a hobby I like to ride a motorbike along the roads of our beautiful Tuscany and find small locations with impeccable management, with soap-scented linen and crochet blankets.
I have been playing sports since I was 5;  I currently play tennis, I love volleyball, skiing and mountain biking. I can communicate with dogs and have total empathy with them. I have two dogs: Tessa and Bradolino, two Lagotto to whom I owe a lot.
I am a slave to the form, I look at the content but at the container also. I have a very strong aesthetic sense: in my opinion perfection is only a matter of harmony, is the pleasure coming from the sight of something complete, with no discontinuity, as in a circle. And that's exactly how I want our events to be: I like to see the astonishment in the guests, the enthusiasm and joy in the spouses, the satisfaction for the suppliers and my and my partner’s passion.
Seeing our customers and their guests smiling is one of the greatest joys, something that satisfy me well beyond work: knowing that I can build a relationship with my clients, even if they live on the other side of the world, makes me happy.
Simona Davini Wedding Planners in Tuscany

Simona Davini - Owner & Event Director

I studied Architecture at the University of Florence and this allowed me to develop my artistic talent even more. Every kind of art, especially architecture, is my great passion. This can be recognized in my job as a wedding planner: I create unique, stylish and refined settings for our clients.
I also love fashion and its trends, mainly about furniture and interior design and I constantly keep myself updated by attending to national and international fairs and conferences, in order to create peculiar projects for our couples. I like to customize every single detail so that everything represents their tastes, their history and their personality.
Cooking is also one of my main passions, I attended courses to improve my skills in preparing dishes of theTuscan tradition. As Benedetta, I also was born in Lucca,  and I deeply love our region.
I am married and have two children, Mattia and Martina. With them I share the passion for tennis that I practice in my free time.

Email: simona@weddingplannersintuscany.com

Lucrezia Finocchi - Wedding Planner Assistant

I specialized in Language Mediation and Interpreting in English and Russian from the university in Florence. My subject choice stems from my great passion for foreign languages and culture.

I love traveling and getting to know and interact with cultures and people from all over the world. I’m passionate about learning, expecially new cuisines and customs, but I also love to come home and be with my family, my beloved dog, Zeno, and my circle of very close friends.

It was my great desire for exploring that led me, when I was twenty years old, to a wonderful experience living in the USA for a couple of years.

I enjoy good food and wine and as nice as traveling is, nothing compares to what Italy has to offer!

One of my main character traits is curiosity, which has always led me to wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the things I experience and see every day. This curiosity has given rise to my passion for managing  events.

I get great joy and satisfaction from working with our clients, even those living on the other side of the world, creating an empathy and relationship with them. There is nothing better than the great feeling we have at the end of their event, when everyone is happy and satisfied with the work we have achieved together.

Roberta Ristori - Wedding Planner Assistant & Social Media Specialist

Born in Brazil with Sienese roots, I fell in love with Tuscany and have been calling it home for over 13 years. After having a career as a lawyer and journalist in Brazil, I developed a passion for content creation, social media strategies, and photography.

In my repertoire is a book of poems published in 2004, which serves as a testament to my deep connection with literature, culture, and art. I love to travel, explore, and share the beauty I find in people, places, and emotions. Telling compelling stories through words and images is my mission.

My experience in curating art and photography exhibitions has broadened the horizons of my aesthetic perception. Now, at Wedding Planners in Tuscany, I handle the social media strategy and management, with a strong emphasis on content creation, particularly for the blog.

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