Plan a Fun Filled Wedding Weekend in Tuscany

Posted by AMMINISTRATORE on 27/04/2020
Plan a Fun Filled Wedding Weekend in Tuscany

Wedding Weekend in Tuscany: the perfect idea to create new memories with your friends.

The big variety of venues available for a wedding weekend in Tuscany can make confusion.
The decision process of the ideal venue has to be well thought out.

Entrust a professional interlocutor that knows the Tuscan Region and its Venues is the most recommended thing.
Above all it is the best way to save time in making the decision. Firstly keep in consideration that it isn’t only a Wedding Day.

Our suggestion is to keep guests entertained during their Wedding Weekend in Tuscany.
Together with the couple we create a Wedding Weekend program with a few built-in events.

Some examples:

  • Welcome Dinner:
    It could take place at the same venue of the wedding day or in a separate place as for example a nice restaurant in the closest village
  • The Brunch after the Wedding
  • Activities:
    Enjoy the place organizing yoga lessons, treasure hunting, bike tour discovering the rolling hills.

Some additional suggestions for your fun filled wedding weekend in Tuscany

1- Avoid All Inclusive Packages
We don’t like all inclusive packages.
Even if they are a good way to make things easier for everyone, they are not customized on the couples identity.
With the right interlocutor you could create your own program, personalizing the weekend with activities and small events.
Your planner will work side by side with the staff of the venue, that will respect your program.

2- Book a venue not overly secluded
Select venues that are surrounded by an amazing view and by villages or a pretty town.
Lucca countryside is a really good option, because in just 15 min guests could reach the town and enjoy a bike tour, have some shopping and an aperitivo in a beautiful bar in one of the most beautiful piazza of Tuscany.

3- Time to relax
When you will create your wedding weekend program, don’t forget to leave time to relax to your guests that will be thrilled that you’ve chosen a venue in a beautiful place of Tuscany where they can chill out.

Are you researching your ideal venue in Tuscany?

Do you need consultancy to make your decision?
Send us an email with details about your wedding weekend in Tuscany and we will start side by side the research of the perfect place.
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