Shooting: the creation of memories

Posted by Weddingplannersintuscany on 01/01/2021
Shooting: the creation of memories

How important is it to choose a photographer in line with your style?

Remember: you have only one chance to create memories of your special day that represent you fully, and the choice of photographer becomes decisive in this sense.
For this Luccaorganizza has built partnerships with a network of professionals able to support every different type of shot, from the most artistic and creative to the most realistic.
A plus made possible thanks to the long experience in the wedding industry and a thorough knowledge of local experts.

But what are the elements that allow you to remain satisfied with your wedding day photo shoot?

1.Landscape is part of the success

Also in this case the location, the landscape and the context in which you decide to hold the event counts!
For this reason Lucca, located in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, offers many different alternatives, romantic beaches, medieval villages and rolling hills ... for truly exceptional shootings. 

2.Shooting before the wedding

 The fear of being in front of a stranger can be a hindering factor that can invalidate the result of the photo shoot.
Many people don't realise how important pre-wedding shoots really are. From the moment the couple meets their photographer to the moment the contract is signed, several months usually pass, so it is impossible for a wedding photographer or the couple to remember everything that is said. Creating a moment for the photographer and the bride and groom to meet and take a few shots before the big day is therefore very necessary.


3. Trust and fun

Last but not least, trust the chosen professionals and have fun with them on your special day. Photos are stories of emotions, expressions captured in a tenth of a second. Your eyes, your movements will speak about you, be free and in harmony with the team that supports the entire realisation of your event and you will be satisfied with the result!

Are you curious about how the organisation of an important event such as a wedding works and how to choose the right photographer for you?

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