Three reasons to get married in Lucca

Posted by Benedetta - on 04/07/2022
Three reasons to get married in Lucca
Lucca is one of the most beautiful cities of art in Tuscany. Less popular than Florence and Siena, but equally suggestive, it has the great advantage of still being a place on a human scale, not yet touched by mass tourism, the perfect place for a wedding in Italy!
With its magnificent historic center, framed by the impressive Renaissance Walls, Lucca invites its visitors to get lost in alleys, restaurants, cafes and elegant shops where they can enjoy the best of the famous Italian lifestyle, immersed in a really authentic and refined atmosphere.
We like to offer you Lucca as a destination for your wedding in Tuscany because we love to find lesser-known locations, spectacular alternatives to the usual clichés. Here are three good reasons to get married in the city that gave birth to Giacomo Puccini:
1- True tuscan taste - Lucca preserves the essence of the territory; here you will breathe the truest Tuscany, thanks to the absence of mass tourism. Lucca seems almost suspended in time, with its art, music, culture and ancient flavors.
2 - Position - Lucca is very close to two main airports: Pisa is 35 km away, and Florence is 70 km away. It also has a strategic position to discover the wonders of Tuscany.
3 - Diversity of locations - Lucca hosts a great variety of exclusive locations: from sumptuous monumental villas to luxurious hotels, the city offers options for every kind of couple.

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