10 traditions and rules to overturn and 2 to respect to have a wedding that truly reflects you

Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 03/08/2022
10 traditions and rules to overturn and 2 to respect to have a wedding that truly reflects you
Weddings have always been deeply linked to traditions, but luckily these evolve too and much has changed even after the covid-19 pandemic. Sure enough the desire to experience authentic, relaxed and joyful moments is increasingly present while the will to conform to the rules and customs is less and less.
Here are 10 traditions to overturn and 2 to respect to have a wedding that truly reflects you:

1 - Bridesmaids: are they necessary? What if the bride's best friends are male? Do without them, or mix men and women, but really involve only the people you feel most connected to, regardless of identity or gender expression.
2 - Walk down the aisle with your mother, or even with both parents. Or, if you prefer, go there with your groom, the new couple who shows up to the guests hand in hand, ready to start a life together.
3 - Skip the moment of cutting the cake and enjoy your party. Or in alternative change the cake with a delicious dessert buffet in a gourmet version.
4 - Do white and its shades not reflect your personality? Feel free to get married with a colorful dress, or, why not, with a beautiful suit with trousers, the important thing is to feel beautiful!
5 - Do you hate the music traditionally played for the bride's entrance to the ceremony? No problem, come in with your favorite song, whatever it is, from rock to country, from pop to indie rock.
6 - Don't you like big receptions? Elopement or a Microwedding could be right for you. Choose the place of your dreams and plan an unforgettable romantic getaway, just the two of you or together with your loved ones. We guarantee that Tuscany is the perfect destination, with so many fantastic experiences to offer!
7 - You don't have to get married during the weekend if you don’t want to, you can choose any day of the week, or choose them all and celebrate for a whole week!

8 - If you love dancing, surely your first dance will be great, but if dance is not your thing, feel free to skip this step.
9 - The bride's veil has a lot of symbolisms and meanings, for example the submission of the bride to the future husband and to God with his purity, or it can be simply a fashion accessory that perfectly completes your outfit: do not feel obliged to wear it.
10 - Don’t invite people you don't really want to share your special day with. It is true that, when it comes to marriage, we have to compromise on many things, but you do not have to feel compelled to invite, for example, all your work colleagues or those relatives whose name you barely remember.
Finally, here are two rules that you must absolutely respect:
1 - Take charge of the drinks of your guests too. A strong NO to the cash bars during the reception.
2 - Never, ever enter your wedding list into the Save the Date or the invitations, communicate directly to those who ask you or put the information on your wedding website.

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