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Posted by Benedetta - on 07/03/2022
Before and after wedding events. Unforgettable moments to be shared.
It all started with the North American tradition of the "rehearsal dinner", usually held on the evening before the wedding. In a destination wedding context, where the most important thing is to stay together, formality gave way to more relaxed and joyful occasions, giving more space to other types of events to be held the day before or after the wedding.
Living your wedding as a sort of mini-vacation, sharing unforgettable moments with your loved ones is now one of the main trends, especially considering the two years of restrictions and the numerous limits that we all had to respect due to the pandemic.
So why not organize a poolside dinner, or a themed evening to welcome your guests? From pizza parties, to elegant cocktail parties where you can taste the delicacies of Tuscany surrounded by the most beautiful countryside in the world; the key is to create a relaxed and funny atmosphere to pamper your guests. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce people who have never met before and thus “break the ice” before the actual party.

After the wedding, however, it would be nice to organize a brunch, the ideal opportunity to greet everyone, to thank them for their presence and possibly have a chat with someone you have not yet had the opportunity to give the right attention to.
If we have convinced you to plan pre- and post- wedding events, we also anticipate the inevitable question: do you need to involve all the wedding guests? If your budget allows, great, otherwise it’s not mandatory. You can also decide to invite only the closest relatives and friends.
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