Castle Wedding in Tuscany

Castles for your wedding in Tuscany

Castles and exclusive private locations for your wedding in Tuscany

Getting married in a Tuscan castle surrounded by the gentle hills of Chianti region, a few km away from Florence and Siena or in Maremma, will ensure you to have this charming historic region, also known as The Cradle of the Renaissance, as background of your ceremony.
Imagine a marriage among silverware, coats of arms, ancient furniture and terraces from which you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. Sumptuous settings, long aristocratic tables for the gala dinner, tall candle holders, hundreds of candles, sparkling crystals and plates with gold decorations, a mise en place with a very classic and elegant taste.
Last but not least, imagine the romanticism when the couple will have the opportunity to stay in the castle for the first night, still enjoying a little bit of that dreamy and timeless atmosphere. Even the pictures in your portfolio will have something unique: the courtyard of the great well, the spiers and the large terrace from which glimpses of unparalleled beauty can be glimpsed will be the perfect background for your photos.

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