Truffle Hunting Experience

Posted by AMMINISTRATORE on 12/10/2020
Truffle Hunting  Experience
Early this morning we escaped to Certaldo, a beautiful Tuscan village, to take part to a team building experience to be proposed to our couples! An unforgettable Tuscan experience that we shared with a group of a few people to taste delicious Tuscan white truffles.

The meeting point was in the main  square of Certaldo surrounded by the historical and artistic beauties that this ancient village offers us, then we drove a short distance of 5 km to finally reach the wood for the truffle hunting.. We recommend for those who want to participate in this wonderful Tuscan experience to prepare a backpack with a t-shirt for lunch, water and spare shoes.

Simona and I tackled the forest with mud-proof amphibians then replaced by casual cleaned sneakers for the bucolic lunch!
At the meeting point the hunter and his trusted dog welcomed us with great enthusiasm. We set off for the woods in the rain but the dog was relentless. He accompanied us all the way, a great connoisseur of the Tuscan woodland paths, he went into the green and following his infallible nose he found 5 beautiful white truffles! After this, tired and cold we went to our friends' hut to live the Tuscan experience of homemade pasta. Linguine home made with fresh truffles.

Simona and I are always pleased to try the services we offer to our couples, so that they can come to Tuscany, visit the most subjective villages and live unforgettable experiences. We really enjoyed this experience and we already have some wedding packages in mind in which to include this activity.

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