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Posted by Benedetta - on 03/03/2023
Destination Wedding in Tuscany: why you should rely on a local wedding planner
It is natural that couples do not have clear ideas about what a wedding planner can do for them and why they should rely on a professional planner to organize their wedding, especially if it is a Destination Wedding. In this article we will try to shed light about this topic and we will also explain why it is important to choose a wedding planner with experience in the area.
What does the wedding planner do? In one sentence, we can say that the planner makes your wedding planning experience so much better, easier and stress free. You have no idea how many commitments organizing a wedding involves and how many issues you will come across. On the other hand, the wedding planner is perfectly aware of every step to follow and knows how to solve every problem you may have to face.


Here are some things a wedding planner can do for you

1 - Planning: as we said before, a professional knows every stage of the organization of a wedding by heart and will be able to advise you about the right timing, in order to make everything easier and smoother. We at Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza boast over 25 years of experience in this field so we can guide you through every organizational and bureaucratic aspect.
2 - Design: the wedding planner will help you identify the color palette, the floral arrangements that best suit the atmosphere you have in mind, the tablecloths, the stationery, the lighting and any other aesthetic aspect of the event. This is where the good taste of a good professional comes into play, together with his/her level of updating about new proposals in the sector and the latest trends.
3 - Budget Planning: a professional will also be able to advise you on the budget which is necessary for the realization of your wedding and will help you respect the figure you have established, taking into consideration your priorities. We have high standards that we are very keen to meet when it comes to the events we organize and therefore we will offer you realistic ideas about the values you need to consider, in order to have a high level wedding.
4 - Accommodation: a wedding planner with deep local knowledge can also take care of welcoming guests. In fact, we have a highly selected portfolio of excellent accommodation facilities for an unforgettable stay in Tuscany and we can also organize logistical services and activities for your guests.
5 - The planner organizes the meeting agenda with the suppliers and takes care of all the contracts: a true professional knows when to meet each supplier. If it is a destination wedding and so you have not the opportunity to personally meet all the suppliers, the planner will support you so that you can learn about every possibility they offer, advising you on the right timing to respect and the best choices. Our long experience in Tuscany has allowed us to identify the best professionals in the sector to always guarantee you reliable services of the highest quality: from catering to florists, from photographers to musicians.
6 - Consulting: from issues related to fashion and style to those concerning etiquette, a skilled wedding planner will be able to advise and reassure you on every aspect of the wedding.
7 - Coordination on the wedding day: from the preparation of the bride and groom to the cutting of the cake, there are many key moments during a wedding. The wedding planner will organize the timeline of the whole day in detail and will check that each supplier involved respects it, so that everything happens without hitches or mistakes.
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Advantages of relying on a wedding planner

1 - Avoiding stress: why should you live the organization of the wedding under pressure if you can enjoy one of the best moments of your life serenely? Relying on a professional will allow you not only to save time, but also to have someone who will be able to advise you on every single aspect related to your wedding, helping you to solve any dilemmas and to manage the tricky situations that could happen. Furthermore, the wedding planner will always have a "plan B" ready in case of rain and will be able to get out of any last-minute problem, the bride and groom often don’t even realize it.
2 - Significantly saving time and energy: an expert planner knows all the locations and suppliers by heart and will only offer you those that match your expectations and the established budget, avoiding unnecessary searches. You also won't have to coordinate with each vendor individually, sign a thousand different contracts, and spend the entire week before the wedding negotiating with each one to ensure everyone is on the same page.
3 - The planner will help you realize the wedding of your dreams: the wedding planner will take care of every detail in order to bring to life exactly the idea you have of your big day.


How to choose a wedding planner and why you should choose one with experience in the area

1 - Choose someone who has flexibility to adapt to your lifestyle: time zones, working hours, etc.
2 - Rely on a planner who has taste, style and possibly who has also created events in line with what you’d like for your wedding.
3 - Prefer professionals with full knowledge of the destination where you want to get married. An expert in the area knows which are the best suppliers there, the most exclusive locations, the local rules to respect, how to get around the bureaucracy and how to solve any problem.
We at Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza are expert in destination weddings in Tuscany and have a deep knowledge of the territory where we were born and raised: in this way we can offer you a superior experience and a top-of-the-range service.
Precisely in this way we’ve gained the trust of many customers (read here some kind testimonials they have left us!) in a path of growth and continuous improvement. We deal with the organization of the wedding with great professionalism, in a friendly and stress-free way, thanks to the great mastery of the sector and our deep knowledge of the area.

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