Elopement in Tuscany: romantic and stress free

Posted by Benedetta - benedetta@luccaorganizza.com on 23/07/2021
Elopement in Tuscany: romantic and stress free
The concept of Elopement is linked to an ancient and romantic custom, where young people living forbidden loves,literally had to run away together to consolidate their union, a true escape for love. Just think how fairytale the idea of escaping to spectacular Tuscany to get married could be, a choice that puts you at the center of your new life together and breaks with the more traditional patterns. A wedding with a touch of "wild and free”typical of great love stories.
As we have already explained here, currently the Elopement has changed a bit and sometimes few close friends leave together with the spouses. Only the most special people in your lives: your children if you already have them, your closest childhood friends or maybe your closest relatives. The choice is up to you!
Elopement, as well as Micro Wedding, is an excellent option for getting married in these Covid times because, by involving few people, the organization is possible even in a very short time. Tuscany is the perfect place for a destination wedding for both Italian and foreign couples with its great landscape diversity - from the countryside to the sea, from the mountains to cities of art.
It is a kind of marriage in which everything is centered only on your feelings, on your story and on the love between you. What matters is what is important to YOU and to no one else. A special, intimate, and 100% stress-free day. The beginning of a shared adventure to be lived fully and which can, and must, begin in the greatest style: yours.
Tuscany is full of breathtaking locations, elegant historic villas or picturesque stone cottages immersed in one of the most spectacular countryside in the world; you will surely find the most suitable place for you. Deciding to have a micro-wedding does not mean that you have to give up refinement; on the contrary, you have even more possibilities to indulge yourself with the small details that will make your wedding more fairy-tale: special decorations, a "haute couture" wedding dress, the most prestigious Tuscan wines to be skillfully paired with each course served at your gala dinner. The possibilities for a highly romantic and absolutely unforgettable wedding are endless!

Ph. Credits: cover and first 4 photos - Collephotography ; the last 4 - Giuseppe Giovannelli


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