Getting married during COVID-19: micro wedding and elopement

Posted by Benedetta - on 26/03/2021
Getting married during COVID-19: micro wedding and elopement
”How can i organize my wedding in these covid times?” That’s a very common question among couples all around the world. We’re going to suggest two romantic solutions: the Micro wedding and the Elopement.

Micro wedding

This is the perfect choice for couples who don’t want to give up on traditions. Micro-wedding is exactly like a “conventional” wedding but with twenty or thirty guests.
You can live every moment you dreamed of for your wedding day, without being forced to give up on something. From the religious service to the out-and-out celebrations, you’ll share every magic moment only with the closest friends and family members.
That means you have more time for yourselves and your guests. It will surely be a day made of love and authenticity, in which human relationships go beyond appearance.
A smaller number of guests means less expenses, but you can also decide to spend the same budget, focusing on the dream-like wedding venue and details, in conclusion, a micro but luxury ceremony. A perfect day from any point of view, with all the smallest details really well-finished.


The concept of elopement came out literally as a love escape. Only you and your love in a new dream-like and spectacular place, just like our wonderful Tuscany!
This is a modern trend, referred to an ancient and romantic habit: young couples who lived prohibited loves and were forced to run away together in order to reinforce their feelings. However, nowadays elopement is a little bit different and together with the newlyweds often go some close friends too.
An intimate wedding, with very well-finished details, starting from the choice of the wedding venue that most represents your will. This is the perfect way to get married during covid-times, also because it can be organized very quickly, since it includes just few people.

Micro-wedding and Elopement in Tuscany

After this explanation about micro-wedding and elopement, we’re going to tell you our ideas, in particular talking about our marvelous Tuscany!
The idyllic countryside with its rolling hills, olive groves, cypresses and vineyards as far as the eye can see, picturesque tiny villages in which time seems to be suspended, incredible art cities like Florence, Siena and Lucca, just to mention some, in addition to a breath-taking coast.
Now close your eyes and try to imagine having your special day in a beautiful medieval castle: in some of the it is also possible to stay for one or more nights, so you and your selected guests will live a perfect weekend.
Otherwise, one of the winemakers in which some of the most important wines in the world are produced. Unique venues that combine tradition, architecture and design, where you can live a modern and original wedding. Maybe you can give your guests unforgettable experiences like taste itineraries and walks throughout the vineyards.
The most world-travellers couples will certainly love the exclusive and luxurious hotels in Florence, maybe staying overnight in a room with a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful cities around the world. Then, who knows, you can get lost through the streets of the Renaissance city, visit museums and art galleries, have dinner in prestigious restaurants.
Couples with a “bucolic” taste will be impressed by tuscan farm holidays: They’re perfect for country chic an romantic wedding, where the fateful “yes” can be pronounced in front of beautiful hills and wonderful sunsets.
In conclusion, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Get in contact with us and we’ll give shape to your dream together!
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