Farmhouse Wedding in Tuscany

Getting married in a Tuscan farmhouse

For newlyweds who love authentic Tuscany

Getting married in a farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside means living a unique and unforgettable experience. Dedicated to those who want to pamper themselves and their guests by putting them in a timeless bucolic atmosphere, made of nature, authenticity and ancient traditions.
Our countryside locations keep intact all the charm of the past without giving up modern comforts and rigorous aesthetic refinement, in which every single detail is deeply cared for.
To the lovers of these picturesque and fascinating farms where the art of producing excellent wines and extra-virgin olive-oil are preserved, we propose a real journey into flavors that will delight all your senses. We could, for example, surprise your guests with the tasting of typical products a few days before the wedding, or maybe, take them for a visit to one of the famous Tuscan wineries such as Antinori or Frescobaldi and walk among the vineyards, admire the wonderful architecture and rows of grapes as far as the eye can see while enjoying a good glass of wine. We’ll do our best also for  the menu of your lunch or gala dinner, using highest quality ingredients . An homemade bread seasoned with an excellent Tuscan olive oil with garlic and fresh tomato, perhaps accompanied by a glass of Tignanello, has nothing to envy to the most elaborated courses of contemporary cuisine.

For lovers of these unique farming traditions, we recommend re-discovering these flavours through tastings of typical local products, and a menu featuring only the highest quality ingredients the region has to offer. Home-made bread seasoned with excellent Tuscan olive oil, garlic and fresh tomato (perhaps accompanied by a glass of Tiganello) is every bit as good as the most elaborate contemporary cuisine.

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