Here are the main trends for 2023 weddings according to Simona and Benedetta of Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza

Posted by Benedetta - on 04/01/2023
Here are the main trends for 2023 weddings according to Simona and Benedetta of Wedding Planners in Tuscany by Luccaorganizza
In this article we reveal the main trends for weddings in 2023. 2022 was the year of the "wedding boom": after two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, many couples got married in a small amount of time. However, the year that has just begun should bring significant changes and, perhaps, even some breaks with old traditions.
As we already anticipated at the beginning of December, Microweddings, i.e. weddings with a reduced guest list, which have become almost compulsory in the period following the pandemic, now remain so by choice, that of sharing such a special event only with the people we really care about. We also see strong growth in Destination Weddings, always as result of the desire to share important moments with a few loved ones.
A great novelty that we love is the use of greenhouses instead of tensile structures. Greenhouses allow you to have a unique environment and above all to have a structurally more interesting place, more protective in case of rain and equally scenically beautiful in case of good weather. A luxury alternative to tensile structures that can be set up in different ways, therefore perfect for a classic or modern reception, but always of great style.
Even the light design becomes an important aspect to focus on in the coming year. In fact, we see luxuriant and sumptuous lighting arrangements of all kinds.
Still on the theme of setting up, the creation of a furniture corner dedicated to the photobooth is a definetly growing trend. Refined living rooms with comfortable velvet armchairs, or sofas with a vintage charm, soft carpets and pillows for photographing and entertaining your guests during a reception in the beauty of the Tuscan landscape!
Customization is perhaps the main aspect regarding weddings this year. Even in the stationery we see, in fact, greater customization. The invitations become little works of art, often also made with pastels, sometimes inspired by the entrance of the location chosen to host the reception, others instead with the initials of the couple designed in an original and artistic way.
Finally, 2023 also sees the return of pearls in both dresses and outfits.

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Greenhouse Privitera Eventi
Flower Design: Rattiflora
Catering: Salza Catering

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