How much is getting married in Italy?

Posted by AMMINISTRATORE on 09/09/2020
How much is getting married in Italy?
Many couple at the beginning of the organization of their wedding wonder us how much is a wedding in Italy.

We often receive inquiries from couples from all over the world with general information about the event they dream to organize that basically ask how much is a wedding in Tuscany.

Well, couples should consider as first thing that to prepare a specific professional wedding proposal for who is getting married in Italy it is fundamental to know accurately their needs and some basic factors such as:

approximative number of guests, if guests will need to sleep at the venue or nearby, if guests will have to pay theirself for their accommodation, what kind of ceremony the couple is interested in and last but not the least the ideal budget the coiple would like to invest.

Many couples find difficult to communicate how much they would invest also because it is their first time for an unforgettable important event such a wedding and they can't evaluate well a potential realistic sum and how much cost to get married in Italy. Having a suggesting sum is indeed very useful for the planner to start the reserach of the ideal venue and to select potential suppliers trying to keep a standard well balanced between food and beverage, arrangments, entertainments and ideal venue.

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