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Posted by Benedetta - on 04/03/2021
Three wedding venues in Tuscany: two classical choices and a less known masterpiece
Everybody knows Tuscany is spectacular, the perfect option to host a dreamlike wedding. It’s a magical place where human ingenuity succeded in highlighting the beauty of natural treasures even more.

Among historical houses and prestigious winemakers, you’re spoilt of choice and the decision  is not always so easy to make. Now we’re going to illustrate three wonderful wedding venues to get married in Tuscany: two of them are famous classics, the third instead a less known masterpiece.
Our first gem can be found in Maremma, the wildest soul in the south of Tuscany, where the famous Supertuscan  wines are produced. Conti di San Bonifacio is a marvelous Boutique Wine and Wellness Resort, an exclusive place for sophisticated couples who never lose track of authenticity.
This is a fairy-tale wedding venue with a strong Tuscan spirit, the perfect bond between tradition and innovation, where a wedding in grand style can take place among the vineyards.
Now let’s go to Lucca, Giacomo Puccini’s native city. Lucca is a little Tuscan jewel, enclosed by its enormous walls, a real treasure of beauty and history.
Only 7 km away from the historical centre, between the plain and the hills there’s the wonderful Villa Grabau, the ideal venue for an elegant and stylish wedding.
This sixteen-century residence seems to float, hanging in time, surrounded by its wide botanical garden, which is divided into several incomparable architectural gardens. The interiors are decorated with vintage furniture and paintings, there’s the fascinating lemon house, the “Verzura” theatre and a lot of other spaces and endless possibilities to host a ceremony that will be impressed in guests’ memories.
About 10 km from the city centre we can find another lovely venue to organize a wedding in Lucca, called Villa Rapondi: that is our mentioned masterpiece.

An ancient charming residence totally built with stones, just in the traditional rustic style of Tuscany.  Recently the house has been restructured, it’s placed on the top of a hill: from there you can enjoy the view of a spectacular landscape across the surrounding area. An appropriate choice for a refined, country chic wedding.

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