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Posted by Benedetta - on 17/04/2023
Top tips for getting ready on the morning of your wedding
Have you thought about all the details for the bride and groom's preparations? Planning a wedding is so complex that some couples don't remember to plan their morning (or afternoon!) on their big day until the last minute.

Here are some useful tips to make the most of every moment of your special day.


Plan the timeline

Consult with your makeup artist and hair stylist to understand exactly how much time they will need to prepare you, and coordinate with the photographer and/or videographer so you can confidently establish the arrival time for each professional at the location where you have decided to prepare.

Typically, it takes about 60 to 90 minutes for makeup and the same for hair. If you also want your bridesmaids and moms to be made up and styled, ask your estheticians to bring assistants to ensure that everything is within the predetermined time frame.

Pro Tip: Usually, only women are thought of when it comes to aesthetics, but the groom can also decide to rely on a barber to feel on top.

Carefully choose your "dream team" during the wait

Decide beforehand who you want to involve during the preparations: your parents, bridesmaids, witnesses, the choice is yours. The moments before "I do" are full of emotions and it's nice to be surrounded by the people you care about the most. Just avoid overcrowding the room where, as we have already mentioned, professionals such as MUA and photographer will also be present.

Choose the location where you will get ready

Choose the room where you will get ready carefully; remember that it will be immortalized in your photos. It's okay to use the house where you were born and raised as long as the spaces are perfectly organized and clean. Otherwise, consider a hotel or the most beautiful rooms in the location where you will stay if you are having a destination wedding. In any case, try to make the environment relaxing and welcoming and limit or hide the suitcases!

Make sure all the vendors who will be present at the preparations (MUA, hairstylist, photographer, etc.) have the correct address for the chosen location.


Stay hydrated, and remember to eat

Prepare some drinks and a small buffet to stay hydrated and energized. We strongly advise against last-minute diets or heavy meals. Choose healthy snacks that nourish you without weighing you down. You can also bring a bottle of champagne and personalized glasses for the last toast as singles with the people you care about the most, but avoid going overboard with alcohol, as you still have the whole day ahead of you.

Plan the outfit

Choose a coordinating silk robe with those of the bridesmaids, a satin nightshirt, or a soft long pajama. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful. Remember that you will be photographed during the preparations! Make sure to choose a garment that is easy to remove without risking ruining your hair and makeup.

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